Feature to change note color next to page color in Settings - General - View

I tried creating a dark theme workspace. Making my pages black worked flawlessly, however without changing my note colors I can only aim pointlessly with my cursor and hope to click on the right notes.

Is this something you’ve already looked into? I can imagine that it might also be a bit disorienting looking at white staff lines on black background.

EDIT: Here is what my awesome setup looks like so far.

Welcome to the forum @tomaeto! The request for an option to invert colors (black background, white notation) has been made before:

Thanks for the heads up! I guess it’s not necessarily about inverting colors or dark mode, just about the freedom of choosing note colors.

If you’d be comfortable with not being able to choose the colour but still want your black background, you could always switch on View->Notes and rest colors->Voice colors

Thanks for mentioning my previous thread.

I believe that the OP may have been suffered enough from waiting until our feature suggestions are implemented, regardless that I already gave up waiting for this.