Features Request: for Wavelab 11

This is my list of new features suggestion for WL11. Some of them are old requests but there are a news ones. Feel free to comment.

  • Wave Color. In that way the pitch could be represented by the “hue” . Doing that, low tones could be red, mid tones could be green, and high tones could be blue. Also, the saturation could be another useful tool if the more tonal and harmonic the signal, the more saturated the color, the more noise there is, the less saturated the color will be. It is very useful to locate some kind to events in the sound in a large recording. For example, to locate the start of a take with claps or a clapperboard.

  • DSD Import and Export

  • Mackie HUI protocol for remote MIDI control of WaveLab with support for timecode in the surface display.

  • Convert Markes into Regions but adding a new marker or region (the end of the region) just prior a new marker or region

  • Auto Loudness correction with option to include a dynamic compression

  • Drag a region with automatic and visible crossfades

  • Group video and audio clips with group names. So it will needed a group window list to rename it or reorder.