Feaure Request-> Please consider to add routing to the track preset

Please consider adding the routing to the track presets, it’s so helpful that with one click I can have a whole orchestra with all of my settings, bump that iI need to recreate the Reverb send and the Busses again.

Thanks :heart:

Have you tried track import/export?

I doubt routing will ever happen with track presets.

I don’t want to use the import tracks, I want to use the track preset because I don’t need to search for the project that I’ve created instead of a template, and the wait for it to load and then choose the track that I want.
This is a workaround, it’s a good one but its still a workaround.

In track presets in onr preset you have all the track with all the settings you need, except routing.

Yes please.
Its a PITA to always set the outputs of a VSTi Drum instrument one by one.

True, but it’s the only workaround we’ve got. A couple of years ago I switched my Template to use Direct Routing everywhere. The lost Routing is even more problematic when using Direct Routing so I had to convert to importing Tracks from a Project. Fortunately I had always maintained a Project dedicated to creating Track Presets so it was straightforward start importing Tracks from it.

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