$$$ files - where to hide them

the creation of the $$$ files (i posted in the WL 9 forum about this a bit ago) really clutters up the project folder and i’d like them to be able to be created and hidden elsewhere. according to the replies on my previous post their creation folder can be determined by Folder Preferences, just like GPK files… however, my WL 10 preferences have the “temporary files” (#1-3) all set to the same folder, but the $$$ files are still being created within the project folder alongside the audio files.

am i missing a setting to hide these $$$ files?


But when you quit WaveLab, these $$$ files disappear, no?

yes, they do… however, i don’t often quit wavelab… so they’re just constant clutter… this wasn’t the case with WL 9… i never even knew they existed until i started using 10…

no way to move their creation location?

Please tell me what action, for example, you is creating these $$$ files in the project folder.

it’s when i record a new file into WL.

my workflow (a mastering studio) is to pitch the songs from Pro Tools, through the analog chain and i capture into wavelab… so i’m always using WL to record, and then save WAVs

When you record in which way? Please give more details about your workflow. eg. recording file from the montage does not create $$$ files and write them in a “data” sub-folder, by default.
Also, what do you call exactly “the project folder”?

sorry… by “project folder” i mean my own folder of mastered/captured files.

for recording, i have a blank slate in wavelab and open the RECORD window… play from pro tools, capture the recording in wavelab… then save the WAV from wavelab into my (project) folder. so, basically, recording a new audio file from scratch. no montage open.

my screen looks like this:

On your record dialog picture, you choose to record temporary files, ie. $$$). Then you can choose where this temp folder is, as follows:

If you don’t want to record temporary files, choose the other option in the record dialog.

hmm… in WL 9 i always just did “temporary files” because i didn’t want to have to name the file before i recorded it… but, again, WL 9 never made these $$$$ files… at least not that i could see anywhere.

This was the same in WaveLab 9. What has maybe change for you, is the location of the temporary files. But both in 9 and 10, you can change it.

the location of my temp files hasn’t changed… not only did i import all of my customs settings form 9 to 10 but double checked it yesterday when we were going over this and i checked the preferences to make sure the folder i have assigned for temp files was still set in 10…

you can see how i have it set here (both in the WL 9 days and here with 10) for all temp files (#1-3 in settings) set to AUDIO drive into a specific folder… but you see here the $$$ file was created where i saved the WAV file… into what i call my “project folder” for each job…

(wavelab preference window on left, my mac finder window on right where you see the $$$ was placed)

I have some difficulty to understand why this happens so on your system.
Do you know when this $$$ file is created? During recording? After recording? After saving the file?..

trying to figure out when it happens… but it’s been very inconsistent today.

i captured a new master in wavelab and saved it… and it didn’t create the $$$ files into this save folder… then i did a few plug in tweaks and forgot about checking and when i went back to the folder i noticed it had made THREE different $$$ files.

so i tried opening the WAV again, applying a plug in and saving, but it didn’t create any $$$ files.

so not quite sure yet what causes them to be created…

paid closer attention to when the $$$ are getting made:

  • made a recording from PT into WL (no $$$)
  • saved new recording (Save As) (no $$$)
  • applied a couple fades, saved - (created $$$)

i reset all of my temp file folders again yesterday, but they’re still getting made in the same location i save the file in.

I see now. This is a consequence of a new WaveLab 10 feature: you can undo even after saving a file. For this, the last file(s) must be kept near the current file. Hence the $$$ files you see.
These files need preferably to be in the same folder as the current file, to avoid copying when undoing.


ahh, ok… glad it’s been figured out!

i’d put my vote up, however, for making this an optional feature. i’ve lived my computer decades for so long not being able to undo after a save that i really don’t need the feature and the clutter of $$$ files far outweighs that in importance to me. maybe if others felt the same way it could be turned into an optional feature… or, maybe i’m the only one who’s bothered by them!

you can see the mess on a simple project of only 2 tracks!.. :
Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 1.00.59 PM.png
thanks for helping me figure out where they were coming from, though!

just bumping this for a final time (apologies)… to express my frustration of this feature. the more i work with WL10 the more in-the-way i find these $$$ files. project folders become cluttered and i even accidentally trashed a non-$$$ file when i was trying to clean $$$ out of a folder with 40+ files in it.

as many mastering engineers probably understand, WORKFLOW is one of the most important parts of our job… and things that disrupt that are felt pretty hard.

i understand the potential benefits of being able to undo after a save, but if this feature could simply be made optional in the preferences it would allow for both those who want it and those who don’t. unless i’m the only one! but thanks for considering…

I get them when opening files created in other programs and then using WL to edit fades. Ive been on WL since v5 and never had this happen before. I constantly have to delete them when sending folders to clients now. It does slow me down

I take note to improve this in a future version.