Filter by note duration

I know I can filter by notes by pitch but I would find it very useful to be able to filter by note duration, for example only select quavers in a certain passage and leave the semiquavers. Is this possible or on the horizon?

Piggybacking on this, I’d also like to be able to select double-flat and double-sharp notes, since Dorico thinks I use those a lot more than I think I


Yes. Filter double flats and sharps would be great. Even filter C-flat and B-sharp and like(but I don’t know if there’s a term for these spellings). Since I usually compose with no key signature, I do not use double sharps and flats. For same reason, I don’t write F flat, E sharp and so on. Currently the transposing function creates these spellings because it transpose the intervals correctly in tonal spelling.
It would be beneficial if there’s an option not to use these spellings.

Dear Tanaka,
You already can filter by note spelling… so it’s not difficult to filter and respell.

Thanks Marc for clarifying. The filter “notes by pitch” function works great to spot F-flats and E-sharps and so on. There are “All sharp notes” and “All flat notes” filter but it would be great if there are “All double sharp notes” and “all double flat notes” filter as well.

I just found that there is an option “prefer simpler accidentals” in notation options>accidentals>transposition. But with this option on, Shift-I popover transposition and transposed pitch for transposing instruments still create double sharps and double flats. Does anyone know how this option works?


I know this topic is old, but the topic question “Filter by note duration” does not seem to have been answered (and I have this question as well). I have a selection where I want all the 8th notes to have staccato marks above and filter by duration would make this almost instant, but I can’t seem to find this.

By comparison, on Sibelius it was under the “Advanced Filter” tab.

Thanks for any response.

Unfortunately there’s still no way to filter by duration.


I seem to recall that this request has cropped up more than once and I’m sure that Daniel has taken notice.

Yes, it’s on the backlog, but I can’t say when it will become possible, I’m afraid. We have a lot on our plates at the moment!


Reviving this topic, I’d like to request the ability to filter rests by their duration also.

Dear kimfierens,
You are aware that rests, in Dorico, are not real objects, unless you deliberately input them? Why would you like this filter for? I am asking, because often the workflow in Dorico already exists, but is very different from other notation software.

Hello, as a long term Sibelius user who’s just switched to Dorico (loving it so far!), thought I’d revive this topic:

It would be amazing to have filtering of ntoes by duration added in as a feature. It’s s particularly useful when importing MIDI files from DAWs, when you quickly need to select a few bars and quickly correct a load of note durations that weren’t quantized accurately in your DAW.

In general the only thing I am hugely missing from Sibelius is the Advanced Filtering functionality.

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I think the situation hasn’t changed a lot :wink:
Be patient!

I pretty well agree there - Sibelius seems to me to have much more powerful (and better organised) filtering than Dorico in its current state. But there’s not much else functionality I would import from Sib. these days.