First concerns with Dorico

Here’s the Diagnostic Report.
As I use Windows, I have added the dump-config.

Dorico (418.4 KB)
Dorico (418.4 KB)

Judging by your screencap, the audio engine process died, and it caused dorico to hang up. This sometimes happens right after a crash, or if you close Dorico suddenly and then reopen it fast. The best way around this is the close any Dorico processes in the task manager, and do a fresh restart (from my experience).

@Coe, unfortunately your diagnostic zip file doesn’t contain any crash logs for the audio engine, so I can’t look into the reason why the audio engine might be crashing. Perhaps @Ulf will have some more ideas about possibilities?

Hi @Coe , please have a look at your Documents folder and then at steinberg /crashes. Are in that folder maybe some dmp files of Dorico or the VSTAudooEngine? If so, please zip them up and attach here. Thanks

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