Fix Cubase's unusable Comp System with a few easy check boxes

In my (limited) personal experience the more you swear the faster the minds of the folks at Steinberg shut close.
Personally I also hope that moderators would remove swearing from this forum.

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Well asking nicely hasnt worked for like a decade. Maybe we should bake them a cake!. How bout a nice bottle on Pinot Noir? Jesus Christ how long does it take to fix a tiny bit of functionality that just needs a few check boxes? I’m guessing less than 10 years. Its like… they want to become the premier DAW… fix your poop then!

Sorry for late respons (I had to follow my mother to the hospital yesterday).

Have you had the time to test my suggestion yet? How did it go?

For multitracking with multiple takes I use Track Versions (especially for larger drum sessions).

  1. I put all tracks to be recorded into a folder, with the Group Editing selected.
  2. Every take get recorded onto a new Track Version (I add new Track Version via key command for easy/fast workflow).
  3. When finished tracking (x nr of takes/versions) I either:
    Add a new blank Track Version, and cut/copy and paste good sections from any other track version to the new blank one.
    If the drummer are doing a good job, I usually do it the other way around, and choose the overall best take (as in version x). I then copy from other track versions in the few spots that needs it.

PS. I have set up all the Track Version Key Commands, to easy to remember keyboard shortcuts… That makes it fast to add, rename, and switch between next/previous Track Versions etc (look up all key commands available).

To select sections to copy to the new Track Version, you’ll have to:

  1. Open the Track Version with the good sections/parts.
  2. Then select the wanted section with the Range Tool (keep the Range Tool and selection active until the copy/paste operation is finished).
  3. Now you copy the selected range (Ctrl+C).
  4. Then you open the Track Version to copy to.
  5. Now you paste in the copied range (Ctrl+V).
  6. Repeat until you have made a full track of the best takes.

It’s fast when you get into it… Especially with the Track Version key commands assigned (soon to become muscle memory).

All that said, I still use the Lanes function when cycle recording single tracks. Also if it’s not more than 2-3 mics on guitar or bass recording… Of course doing my suggestion in the earlier post (split with Split Tool or Split at Cursor).

Hope this helps

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Thanks for this useful and detailed description. Basic question: I assume when you are doing track versions and making ranges, copies and pastes, you’re doing all those at the folder level - is that right? So each track version is an entire folder with all the drum mic tracks in it, and you copy / paste on the folder itself across versions?

No… I like to have, let’s say, my drum folder open (with the Group edit and phase buttons active of course). Then use the Range selection on the top track, usually one of the Kicks, and the rest will follow… Copy (let range be active)
Then switch to the Track Version I want to paste in… Paste

You could test on folder level… but I prefer to see visually that my copy/paste are doing what I want it to do :wink:

PS. I have set up all my Track Version functions with proper Key Commands… which make this method very fast.

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Many thanks for clarifying - I can see how that would work. You are effectively reproducing the actions of the clone tool manually across versions, making it as efficient as possible with the shortcuts.

I do have a question though: since you said you still use the lanes method when you only have a few multi-tracks, what is the killer reason that makes you switch to the versioning method? (Since by using the Ctrl-X you have enabled the clone tool to work correctly across multiple tracks with unopened lanes, so the workflow benefits of just clicking with the Clone tool to bring the part to the front would be useful?)

And more generally re. the complaints in this thread: why is it so difficult to open all the lanes of the multi-take tracks within a folder if that’s what it takes to cure the ‘folder sync’ bug? Surely, even if there were say a dozen tracks from drum mics, it would only take a few seconds to display lanes for all of them and then the clone tool would work reliably, including drawing ranges and automatically inserting cuts and the beginning and end of the range across all tracks, and bringing the same take from each track to the front for that range?

I feel as though I’m still missing something important about problems the bug is causing so please forgive me if it’s something obvious :slight_smile:

I have no reason other than that I like the Track Version better… especially for drums and larger multi-mic setups I find it faster.

If there is only a spot or two I need to fix in the “main” take, I may use the regular split method + comp tool selection way…
This is probably the way I use the most for, let’s say, editing a 2-3 mic setup for guitars etc.

PS. When tracking other things after the drums are done, I tend to do it the “good old fashioned way”, as in linear recording and punching in here and there (It works very well, and fast, if the musicians are well prepared).
An example;

  • My last drum recording consisted of 21 tracks… Luckily only 2-3 takes pr song. Track Version style.
  • Then I recorded the bass in about 10-15 min pr. song (because the bass player knew exactly what to play). Linear style from the top, going back and punched in 2-3 places on average pr. song.
  • Depending on the rest of the tracks/instrumentation I needed, I varied my methods to what I found the most suitable.
  • Whenever I do Cycle Recording (like I do on vocals), I will for the most part use the Lanes + Comp Tool method.
    PS. Mind you, with this project we had a good pre-prod, and it was a very well rehearsed and prepared band when we got to the recording sessions.

To have to open all the Lanes for all the tracks in a multitrack scenario, like drums, makes the screen just to “overwhelming” IMO… I think that’s what most are complaining about.
Other than the BUG in the Comp Tool selecting method with only one track and its lanes open (which I believe is the real bug that started this thread).

Whenever I have tracked drums (or other things ment to be recorded as multi-mic setups), I have never gotten the “folder out of sync” warning… That has only showed up a few times when multitrack editing has been an “afterthought” after the recording session itself… In my case :wink:

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Wait is it a Bug with the comp tool? Its been this way forever. Like, since Cubase 4 when I first switched to Cubase I always remembered it being that way. I just assumed they had some backwards way of thinking about it or just never heard of someone recording drums with more than 4 mics and 2 takes or something.

Thanks @carvin_man - very helpful. It’s good to have a variety of options available.

I fought this issue so hard that I got thrown out of the forum (under a different name)… about 10 years or so ago. I reported it to Steinberg x nr of times without any respons what so ever.

Here is a one of my earliest answer trying to help another user out with my discovered workaround (with yet another username) in 2014:

I have used my workaround for over a decade, so for me it is just a “workflow” by now. But for new and newer users of Cubase this is a frustrating issue to face when you meet it.

PS. I have since long gone given up reporting anything to Steinberg. But I will continue try to help members when I feel I have something valuable to bring to the table.
Happy comping


This is a dealbreaker for me. I was trying to switch from Logic to Cubase. Logic’s quick-swipe comp blows this out of the water. I can’t imagine having to slice tracks to comp.

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Yeah. Logic, Pro Tools, Studio One, Reaper. Basically, EVERYONE does this way better than Cubase and has been better for literally over 10 years now. I honestly don’t understand how its still this bad in Cubase.

I think I’m just gonna do mixing in Cubase and start doing recording and editing in Logic instead. I really don’t want to but its just too slow and shitty doing it in Cubase.


I always thought that this comping feature is so great. I always use it to comp vocal tracks.

I think I am going to try comping some drums takes to see if how good(bad) it is…

So you are saying multitrack comping with the comp tool works from take 4 and onward???
PS. Then I have to make my drummers do more than 2-3 takes… or make 3 “dummy” takes before the drummer shows :wink:

It’s totally fine for vocal comping. Thats not multitrack comping. If you are comping 1 track at a time, yeah no problems at all. But if you are coming drums for example, which is at least 7 tracks or more. That the problem.


Yes that’s basically what you have to do. Then color those first 3 takes a different color so you remember that they are not to be used. There are other bugs in drum comping with takes but that one is the most irritating, the most easily fixable, and has been there almost the longest.

It’s not a bad idea to use the 3 dummy takes as some practice takes for the drummer to work out ideas, but it would SUUUURRREEEEEE be cool if you could use some of them

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Seems strange that after the 3rd take it works as expected. Hmmm?

Btw… My workaround method is explained earlier in this thread

PS. I have NO idea why this issue has not been a priority???

I just did some testing and it was working as expected on 2 tracks…

  • I recorded a couple passes - then deleted - then recorded 2 passes and comping worked as expected.

This is in Cubase 13 and tracks are in group folder

No, it doesn’t work. This is the behavior that occurs. This was in Cubase 12 Pro, it was not fixed in Cubase 13