FIXED - It's time Steinberg fixed Channel Strip controls in the midi-remote

To echo the point in this ancient thread:

And apply the newer tags such as ‘feature-request’, & can we rename ‘issue’ or add a ‘bug-report’ tag?

I just want to say it’s incredibly disappointing that it’s been like 10 years since the channel strip was added to the MixConsole in Cubase/Nuendo and the massive oversight of not allowing it’s parameters to be selectable in the Generic Remote configuration is STILL NOT FIXED.

I just downloaded the Cubase 12 trial to to check if this has finally been fixed and with all the HYPE around the changes to the Generic Remote component, to find this glaring oversight still present, but I cannot say I’m surprised.

Before all the fanboys jump in with their half thought out work-arounds and hacks, Quick controls are NOT a suitable replacement for the functionality because 2 reasons:

  1. We are limited to 8 of them and

  2. Even if you gave us infinite Quick Controls and that will be a work around solution of sorts ofr a single channel, not the DAW, We need these settings to be global and not project bound or per single track, Having to map them every time is just disrespect of a waste of the user’s time even if they have to keep reassigning them in each project and even if it’s via track presets.

If it’s not technically possible for whatever reason, rework the channel strip backend until it is and get those parameters made available and working, as it stands it’s such a glaring oversight in functionality that could save a great many users work time and from purchasing devices to full the function gap like the Console One or SSL plugin controllers etc.

Steinberg. treat this as a bug because it clearly is in many user’s eyes and it should have never released this way when the channel strip was first introduced, I would likely never have bought a console one if this actually functioned as expected. & fix it in Nuendo too.

Respectfully, a user of Cubase since 1999 who is fed up with not being able to use the channel strip in an intuitive manner since it was added and fed up with paying for every update/upgrade to find it’s STILL NOT FIXED.

Nothing is broken.

There is no hype about generic remote. Maybe you talk about the MIDI Remote?
Click a parameter with the right mouse button to assign it to a controller with MIDI remote.

‘NoThInG iS BrOkEn’
This steinberg software we’re talking about here, just so we are on the same planet, there are ALWAYS broken and buggy things in Cubase & Nuendo. Period, I don’t expect it to get better, but as long as the core functions work nobody makes too much of a fuss.

“There is no hype about generic remote”

They renamed it from ‘Generic Remote’ to ‘Midi Remote Manager’, so what?

It’s re-written to be more user friendly. No doubt it is more so that a bunch of drop lists as previously with Generic Remote I will admit. Now that they have actually paid some attention to this ancient component of the software I had some expectations that this particular issue would finally be addressed so I check and confirmed it before posting.

Unlike yourself. Maybe you could try harder and prove your position?

When assigning parameters using the assistant, Click any of the parameters of the selected track, or even right click than as you instructed and then exit assistant and test your assertion.

It works on that ONE track, select a different channel and then move the parameters again,

Which channel does the parameter change on ?

Does it work on the selected track for you?

Do you care to post a video or detailed instructions instead of a false, misleading and unsubstantiated claim to the contrary instead?

I would really love to be wrong on this as I want the function to be available to me so I will have a reason to use it.

If anyone wants to claim it works post a video or working instructions as proof it works as I said,
on a SELECTED TRACK basis.

Anything else is just time wasting fanboy trash talk.

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This is the problem:

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No, that’s what I mean… different things.
Generic remote is still available.

You were talking about a feature that is not broken, maybe it is limited in flexibility, but not broken.
To overcome the limits, they (SB) introduced new functionality,
and mentioned that this is the starting point for a new remote control system.

I see it as broken and a glaring oversight. needlessly omitted functions from the selected track portion of the controllable parameters.

I believe the ‘Generic Remote’ will eventually be replaced entirely as they went to the trouble to label it as Legacy in the Studio setup window.

I still use generic remote…
Forget new remote for a minute
What couldn’t you do with generic remote?

Selected track > Any channel strip functions (noise gate, compressor,de-esser,saturation etc.)

Ah ok
I dont use internal cb at all so i havent tried any of those.
See my post

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Cubase 11 - No SELECTED Channel Strip functions available in generic remote:

Cubase 12 - No SELECTED Channel Strip functions available in generic remote & statement in the window saying it (Midi devices) will be discontinued:

Cubase 12 - No SELECTED Channel Strip functions available in Midi Mapping Remote Assistant

Have you checked api commands? The editor is apparently cut down

I have not, I did look at the json file in VScode and could not see anything obvious like calls for the functions from the individually mapped version of the parameters I’m concerned with.

If there is reference documentation I’d be happy to read it. post a link if you have one, I’m not afraid of writing scripts.

On my phone atm…not easy to find public. just getting over ç19…it should have installed some docs…will check tomoz

Ill be in there for months…need to focus on music for a while :slight_smile:

This must be what you’re talking about:

I’ll have a look through it and see if the functions are available

Spot on

Couldnt help myself…up in the studio

Not sure what you are after…Im just looking now and it seems all that is accessible in GR?

EDIT: I just double check and it all seems to work fine
Im sure it will remain legacy until there is a migration path?

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What you have to remember is that in order to be able to set the Channel Strip commands for Generic Remote under VST Mixer > Selected, they have to be enabled in the Channel Strip of the currently selected track.

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I just worked that out for myself, you have to populate them on a track for them to show In GM, I’m going to check if they show in the new Remote Midi Assistant.

Normally when I sit down to setup my controller functions I do it on an empty project, I would not have assumed that instances of these would need to be instantiated for the functions to show in the list.

Thank you very much @Aurasphere & @paka for the solution in Generic Midi controller, that even works in Cubase 11 :smiley:

I should have bitched about this earlier to work that out, I just assumed Steinberg had not bothered to set it up right from way back.

Unfortunately since GM’s days are numbered and I cannot get those functions to show up in the new Midi Remote Mapping Assistant even after populating the plugins in the strip on an audio track I still see this as an problem going forward.

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