[fixed!] Lane editing: drag to new lane creates new track!

I would just like to point out a related issue which I have raised a new thread for here: [issue] Events pushed into new lane by scrolling another - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Now, back to the OP…

I hesitate to criticise anything about the new lane editing but this particular behaviour is starting to bug me.

  1. Open the lanes on an audio track. Mine has two full takes, occupying Lanes 1 & 2.
  2. With the range tool, select a passage (as if to use it to patch another section in the take), e.g. in Lane 2.
  3. Copy and paste (I’m using Ctrl-C/V)*. This creates an new event where the selection was, i.e. in Lane 2.
  • this stage is unnecessary: Alt-dragging the range (still with the Range Tool) produces the same result.
  1. I like to have patches on a separate lane, so now try and drag it to the empy lane below, Lane 3, but…
  2. I get a new audio track created, as if I had moved it to an empty area below the tracks in the project window.

I don’t want this to happen anymore…

  1. To remedy, I now try to drag the patch (now on the new track) to where I wanted it, i.e. Lane 3.
  2. It goes into the lane of the original audio (Lane 2) and the original audio is pushed down into the lanes I wanted the patch in (Lane 3)
  3. You can now rearrange the tracks as originally intended (original in Lane 2, patch in Lane 3).

But it’s a bit of a performance.

I am I doing it a stupid way? Anybody come across this happening in other situations?

Can it be stopped?


Will post 2 of 2 as soon as I remember what it was…

Watch the Stacked Recording video here.

Thanks, Nate, I’ve bookmarked that link. Doesn’t seem to quite address the issue though, asfaics. What I’m doing is patching, no strictly comping, and I’m just looking to have occasional events, which are from elsewhere in the take, sitting over fluffed sections:

a bbb ccc

Kinda like that. Trouble is, if the lower row originates in the upper row, dragging the events down a lane creates an extra track instead as described in the OP, which then has to tediously unpicked.

I have the patches on a different lane to make them visible but I could leave the on the original lane and perhaps highlight them with colour. This would sidestep the situation but I think the behaviour I’ve uncovered is - how best to put it? - not right.

It’s almost as if the drag’n’drop routines are not recognising a lane as a track and so creating a new one.


Crotchety, you appear to be right! :open_mouth:
A new track is created instead of a lane , then when you try and copy the event back to the intended (empty) lane, it puts it on the lane above instead, moving the contents of THAT lane down. That looks like 2 bugs right there.

Using the scissors to cut out an event, then you CAN drag n drop that to a free lane, but not when you use the range tool. Which is s shame, because the range tool is the workaround to achieve lane - independent cuts :confused:

Yep, that’s it. Pain, isn’t it? Let’s hope the developers pick this up and address it. Cheers, C

You might want to change the title of this thread to a proper [Bug] report format. Something like [Issue] Lanes and Range Tool or the like.

Update on putting the errant event back (i.e. from point 6 in the OP):

  1. It seems to me that the patch is trying to get back to its own lane. This has become apparent now I have an extra lanes of patches previously created (Lane 3). i.e. If I’m moving an event (originating from Lane 2) from the “erroneously-created” track, whichever lane I drop it on it appears on Lane 2. If there was an event already there, it pushes that event down a lane.

  2. I wondered if it might be something to do with Back/Front settings. I’ve fiddled about with setting original/patches to either, then moving the event back… and managed to get myself right proper confused, although it seems to be working more logically. In some ways.

Bit of research needed but I don’t have time tonight and I think it needs more than my addled brain on the job.

Cricket’s on, gotta go…


Update: Alt-dragging a range that includes events on two adjacent rows creates two new tracks.

Update re moving from track to track: if you put the event to be moved into e.g. Lane 4, you can move it to Lane 4 in the target track. Otherwise it goes to the Lane it originated from (e.g. Lane 2) and will push any audio it finds in the way down a Lane to make room.

In the process, all the mutes seem to screw up.

Reported in Feb. but largely ignored, so I didn’t persevere (I was, and still am too upset by all this lanes mess to even consider using C6 for serious work). After a very comfortable ride from Cubase Atari all the way through to Cubase 5, always enjoying the careful evolution that Steinberg always delivered, I’ve hit a brick wall with C6.
(first time I’ve ever bought a version, and not ended up using it !!)
I’ll be keeping an eye on things in case the current mess gets tidied up - otherwise I’m finished “keeping up” and will just stick with C5 - which IS pretty near perfect for me, until I can no longer get PC parts & OS’s that’ll be able to run C5 … at which point I’ll give up. Great fun while it lasted though !!
Still half hopeful that somebody will see sense & provide some of the options mentioned in that thread, and others, but the lack of positive mod feedback on the subject makes me doubtful…(and the way threads are being moved to the lounge … sort of like virtually sweeping under the carpet…)
…sorry … have to let off steam once in a while… just meant to let you know that I’ve seen this problem too !! There’s even an animation (movie) available.

No problem, mate, get it off your chest. Am I now beginning to understand why so many people want to go back to C5 lane editing? Up till now I’ve been rather enjoying the one-click comping but this feature has made a long job longer and I’ve got loads more to do. Maybe I should try doing the job in C5 to compare.

Thanks for letting us know.


I would just like to point out a related issue which I have raised a new thread for here: [issue] Events pushed into new lane by scrolling another - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Any chance of getting this confirmed by JHP? It has a repro, and other users have confirmed it.


You would like to cut out event and place it on a seperate lane:
You have quote " two full takes, occupying Lanes 1 & 2".

Two Approaches (there probably are more)
A: Cut On All Lanes

  1. Take Range Tool (2) and mark up a range
  2. Double click on the range with the range tool
  3. With the object Selection Tool (1) drag the event to new lanes.

B: Independent Cut

  1. Take Range Tool (2) and mark up a range
  2. press shift+X with the range tool
  3. With the object Selection Tool (1) drag the event to new lanes.

A gif attached demonstrates A and B:

If we drag with the range selection tool this will create new tracks.
If we drag with the object selection tool this will create new lanes.
Both functionality’s can be desirable.

Additianal Info on new lans

Independent lane cuts:
Press 2 to select the range selection tool–> click on lane where you would like to cut–> press Shift+X to cut.

Avoiding automatic muting:
Hold Shift and select your events
Press Alt+M to Unmute/Mute

Constraint direction:
You start dragging the event down to a new track and hit ctrl during the drag. If you click ctrl before the drag the audition tool will be selected.


Part 1:

Something’s funny here. I tried technique 1 and it works as you describe. But on a later event from the same file on the same lane, double-clicking a range has no effect at all! I’ve even deleted other events around it, in case they were getting in the way somehow, but it doesn’t work!

Part 2:

I also think that there ought to be a way of doing this that doesn’t involve cutting events. I feel it should still be possible to use the range to create an event which you can then drag to another lane (with Range) or to a new lane (Select), as you suggest. As you say, it is good to have the choice.

But you don’t get the choice. Ctrl-C/V automatically creates a new lane, as does dragging a range with the Range Tool. Why? You have to cut and that means having to remember to turn Snap To Zero off or risk losing synch when Group Editing.

I’m sorry, I appreciate your help but I just don’t see the reasoning behind forcing me to cut events. To me this automatic creation of a new lane is most unwelcome and is holding me up. Besides, wanting to drag-copy a Range to a new lane seems a perfectly reasonable and rapid way of patching mistakes, so why won’t it let me.

The only way I’ve found of doing what I want to do, reliably, is to duplicate the event on a new lane, resize it and go from there, which is surely the kind of messing about that the Range Tool is intended to avoid.

If I’ve missed something, please let me know but as it stands, this ain’t working like it should…


+1 Indeed it doesn’t always work ! I can’t get this to work at all, if there is only one lane in use.

I had 4 lanes or so open and the events I was editing were in Lane 2. In both cases, there were overlapping events on Lane 1:

Case 1) WORKS: the overlapping event was on Lane 1, “in front” of the final section, all the way to the end (exactly). Splitting out events with Range works on both events in Lanes 1 and 2.

Case 2) DOESN’T WORK: Lane 1 contained a Muted event that overlapped either side of the start of the event I’m trying to edit (Lane 2). Deleting the Muted event made no difference. Neither did removing the Fade In/Out from the event on Lane 2 (the only other difference I could see). However, you can split out a range on the Muted part, whether inside the overlap or not. Split works in Lane 1 but not in Lane 2.

Case 3) WORKS (BUT…): Immediately following is another event on Lane 2, with the same fades. It too has a Muted event on Lane 1 above, but this time overlapping the end. Now, this next bit might be relevant. When I first tried to split the range, I tried on the event in Lane 2. I worked, both in and outside the overlap. I then tried it on the Muted event in Lane 1. It worked. But now when I try to split Lane 2 nothing happens!

Just to confirm, all events use the same file.

Get digging, chaps. I think we’re going to have to work it out precisely and lay it out here. I’ll have to leave it for now though, I really must get on.


I would like to point out that range tool drag / drop behaviour appears to have changed from C5 to C6

In C5, the range tool lets you copy an event to a lane or a track - your choice
In C6, the range tool always creates a new track, even when you drop and event on a lane - ie. no more choice.