Fl studio mobile has much more and cost 3x less

Steinberg Cubasis 3
price is 3x more Than an app like fl studio mobile Plus, It has excellent workflow, sounds, build in Auto-Tune and way more. This is what we need in cubasis 3, goddamn Cubasis 3 is weak. I payed 50 euro and I do nothing with it simply because it lacks pro features.

Make this app professional! For now I Have to say I can’t mess with cubasis 3 Anymore cause it doesn’t deliver The power That I need to make great music.


Hi Hebreww,

Thank you for your message.

In our previous Cubasis tutorial, Dom Sigalas shows the steps how to easily and quickly produce a professional track:

Hope that helps!


We still need auto tune. I would be awesome if you guys worked with waves to bring their auto tune or work with audio kit to improve their auto tune and make it native in cubasis 3. We somehow need it.

the price cubasis 3 is selling right now is unrealistic, like how dare u trying to ask people 50 in App Store. if you compare This app with beatmaker 3 and fl studio mobile you will be dissapointed if you bought it.

Fl studio mobile does everything that cubasis 3 does and Way more plus Its 3x times cheaper!

Beatmaker 3 sells Way cheaper. And has more Pro features.

Cubasis 3 misses so much power… it really becomes visible when u compare it too these other apps…

They really should add: vari audio, built in pitch correction. Choke features, every pad Needs to have its OWN fader and parameters… To much limit.
My advice don’t buy cubasis until they add pro features and have it updated the way the customer wants it.
Companies that don’t listen to consumers shouldn’t exist anymore.

Hi Hebreww,

We are sorry to read that Cubasis seems not to match with your expectations.
I’d suggest to give it a try to get in touch with Apple, asking them for a refund.

Hope that helps.


Hi Lars, Apple says that Steinberg should return the money.

I guess to each is on. I own Cubasis 3 and Fl studio mobile. For me the workflow on Cubasis 3 is way better. I have not even turn on my FL studio Mobile any more. It did have a couple of Sounds that I liked. I exported them to Cubasis. The AudioTune on FL Studio Mobile average at best. It’s cheap apps you can buy for four or five dollars that blows that out of the water. But everybody has their own opinion. I respect yours.

My suggestion: be a happy FL Studio Mobile user and stay away from this forum.

Hi Hebreww,

Cubasis for iOS is sold through the App Store which is fully managed by Apple.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a refund, since only Apple is able to do it.

Please get in touch with them again and keep me updated.

Thank you
& stay well,

I have beatmaker3 and cubasis and both are totally different and in their own.

I’m used to multitrack recorders and consoles and also use a console and external effects with my laptop and can confirm that BM3 and cubasis are totally different.

Maybe not for electronic music but I mostly record guitar oriented rock maybe that makes it different.

I was tempted to pick Beatmaker3 for my needs, but then I was on forums that there are bugs around sustain pedal. I mainly want a good sequencer for piano so I went for Cubasis 3 and I am happy.

I was tempted to buy just Cubasis 2 because all I need (external midi instrument, sequencing) is already there but I guess C2 will be dropped at some point due to the iOS app rewrite.

I think the OP expectations are not right, Cubase has always been top-notch sequencer with rock-solid plugin interface. Professionals do buy expensive plugins they stick with I guess. I am a bedroom producer myself and I would love to see more built-in instruments and sounds in Cubasis as well tho. I hope to see added them in later updates, I don’t mind paying for IAP sound packs for the rompler too.