I am disappointed. #Android

Well, actually the guy is right! How many years have passed since its publication? So what? FL Studio develops much faster and communicates with its users:
• Sampler (which works on a pick-and-forget basis)
• Built-in drum sequencer
• Large selection of synthesizers.

What about cubasis? not that he doesn’t have a proper sampler, he hasn’t implemented slide notes into his version 3.5 Karl yet!!! Why do we need these classic drum machines if they have 0 features? Why save a preset in the sampler every time to write a f*king hi-hat and litter the list of instruments in the sampler sheet? Get the zoinc out of those drum machines from the online store and finally add synths there. As much as I love Cubasis, this is already too much, how can you be so deaf and blind to your consumers? perhaps I will switch to FLM, since it is more autonomous and the functionality is much more advanced than Cubasis, for all these years it was already possible to add a trite Slide-Notes and add at least 1 synthesizer .

Drama queen much?

lol tell me where i’m wrong. Or are you like Stevie Wonder blind and do not notice the obvious things. The facts! just the facts! Or maybe there are slide-notes in Cubasis? autotune? v.3.5.2​:joy::man_facepalming:t2:

Or that the built-in Sampler is not a complete misery, to work with it you need to re-save each wav inside the sampler :man_facepalming:t2::joy: Looool

Hi @Michael_Martys,

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry, if Cubasis for Android is not for you.
Nevertheless we try our best, making the app better with every update.