Flageolet (diamond) apperarance change with note duration


Flageolet (diamond) apperarance changes with note duration. Whole note gets a slanted small diamond, shorter notes get the good old full size diamond. Why? How to correct this?

Images included.

Also, when a natural flageolet note spans over several bars, every bar gets the flageolet circle again and again. That is not really needed, so how to hide the other circles?

Dorico Pro 4 latest, WIndows 10 pro 64 .


See e.g. this earlier thread:

If I remember correctly it’s not currently possible to specify that the harmonic circle should appear only on the first note in a tie chain, but if I’m remembering incorrectly I’m sure somebody will tell you!

Lillie suggests you change the notehead in the program for artificial harmonics to solve this problem.

Quoting her …

" You can edit the corresponding notehead set (i.e. remove the whole note notehead, and tell the remaining one used for minims to be used for all durations longer than a minim) and save as default, so that’s how it’s setup for all your future projects."

For the natural harmonics don’t use the properties to create the harmonic use the performance instruction and it will only appear on the first notehead.