Folder Sync BUG. How to break it

Steps to reproduce the Bug.

  1. Create a Folder and turn on folder sync
  2. create 3-4 audio tracks and record some audio on those tracks while sync’d
  3. Select the Beam tool (press 2 )
  4. Zoom in to the middle or end of the recorded audio (happens in the middle and ends of audio)
  5. Select over 1 audio in the sync’d folder. For a split second that track ONLY is highlighted before the software auto highlights the others in the group. But if you quickly hit delete while the 1 track is selected you can delete a piece of audio from that one track. This a fast action but since I edit quite fast this happens me very regularly.

The folder is now of sync

Can anyone confirm this bug reproduction please?

I was able to reproduce this here. I found an even easier way to replicate it: Press 2, make a Range selection over a single Audio Event by holding your left mouse button, then hold Delete. The moment you let go of your mouse button, part of that single event will be deleted, ignoring the Group Editing (folder sync) setting:



Ok its good to know its reproducible. Anyone else care to test this?

What is the mechanism to get this in the bug fix queue?

Anyone else like to confirm this? Will it be added to the bugs list?

I’ve reported this to Steinberg. Thanks for the reminder.

I think Group Editing in general feels a bit flawed, and this is one of my very few issues with Cubendo at the time being. In general, I don’t feel that I can really trust it to work the way it should. A bit too often I find that the group is broken and no longer able to sync.

When using the comp tool for instance, I would expect that if Group Editing is activated on the folder track, that comping would also apply to all tracks simultaneously. Like when editing a multitrack recording of the same source. Having to remember to expand the lanes on all tracks at once should not be necessary. That makes it a bit fiddly and rather “unsafe” to use IMHO.

Maybe there is a better way to solve this. My wish is for a more stable workflow for folder syncing/multitrack comping/group editing, in 12.5.

Hi eirik

If you search around some old posts some of us have been going on about broken folder sync for years - back to about verion 8 I think. It seems hard to reproduce and thats what we need to do (find exactly how we are breaking it). One way is the way I have outlined on the original post here but I think theres another bug got to do with track front to back stacking where that is not in sync for some reason and makes the folder out of sync. I have not been able to find the pattern as of yet for that.

And yes I generally edit with only 1 lane open since Im working with maybe 20 drum tracks or 40 orchestra mics etc so having all of those lanes open creates an insane workspace. Once that folder sync button is on from the start though there is no Cubendo tool or operation that should be able to break it apart!

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I can confirm the issue.

In fact it just stores the Delete action until you release the click, you don’t even have to hold Delete, just press it once while holding the Range Selection and when you release the click it will still delete what was visually selected.

Ultimately, Steinberg has to work around this by making the Range Selection tool to select all the grouped Events when we first engage the click on one of the Events, and not when we release it.
It should behave the same as when we change the Events length, it takes effect on all Events as soon as we click one Event and as long as we hold it.

However, fixing it that way could be difficult, if not impossible. Just like the Object Selection tool, the Range Selection tool is only an overlay that you can draw on the foreground, then it’s only after releasing the click that it will seek for the Events that are located inside the drawn range.

So, a much simpler way to fix it would be to run the Delete command after the “Event seeking”, and not before, so that all grouped Events get selected properly first. I’m no programmer but that looks legit.

i’d also love to just have one lane open, but i realized cubase to open automatically all subtracks - sometimes… kinda erratic.

however: what i found out whats breaking folder-sync sometimes is cutting (with the scissor-tool). but i still dont know exactly what it is, since undoing till its okay and trying to repoduce didn’t work the two times i tried after discovering. so there’s one condition missing, some marked event or area or such, i guess.

and yeah, happening again and again since version 9.5 or so, thats just ridiculous.

Still dealing with this. every use of Folder Sync. If anyone else has had folder sync issues please comment on this thread so we can get somewhere with a fix.

Has this been marked as a known Bug for fixing Steinberg?

Have you reported it to them directly through a support ticket? Takes a week or two and you do have to be persistent through the standard replies (“no I will not reformat my entire pc and reinstall Windows” etc etc), but once you get passed that if it’s a previously unreported bug then they’ll give you a CAN-xxxxx for it and its existence will be officially recognised. If it has been reported already then they should give you the existing CAN.

That is, of course, no guarantee that it’ll ever be fixed (as my personal museum of dust-coated unfixed CAN relics will attest)

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