Follow chord track options not being applied to multiple tracks

when i select multiple tracks , hold down the Shift key (also tried shift + option) and under the Follow Chord Track, select Chords and Scales or any of the other options for example, only the top track changes and the rest of the tracks are still set to Off.
On one occasion when the session first launched, it worked as expected when I selected multiple tracks, hold Shift, and select Chords and Scales all the tracks changed but then when I wanted to try Voicings to the selected tracks, only the top track changed.
Is there any other way to have Follow Chord Track be applied to multiple tracks?
I’m running cubase 13.0.20 , Apple M1 pro, ventura 13.6.1, 32 GB memory

Thank you.


We call this feature Quick Link. And this function is not available for the Follow Chords feature. The Quick Link if available mostly for the “Mixer” features.

Hi Martin,
a quick update, when I select multiple tracks and choose ‘Voicings’ (or any of the options) from the Follow Chord Track without holding the Shift key, all the selected tracks change to ‘Voicing’ as expected, but if I later choose ‘Chords and Scales’ , ‘OFF’ or any of the options, the selected tracks don’t change. It seems it only works the first time for selected tracks.