Follow Playhead issue & click and drag behavior Preferences & inserting Custom Pages


sorry, I’ve searched, but did not find the following issue here, so may I ask if someone knows the following:

After I added a title page, a player list page and an additional text page via page templates, and after closing my – orchestral – score project (26 players, including 3 percussion sets) for a while and then reopened it later, I have encountered the following problem now:

For the full score:

“Follow playhead” only works in “Galley view”.
“Follow playhead” does not work in “Page view”.

For the parts:
Both, Page view and Galley view “notehead following” work.

And the option to follow the playhead is active in the preferences as well as in the bottom switch.

And, whenever I set the “Marquee tool” as active, save the project and open it again, the “Hand tool” is active instead.

Dorico also crashed today and the automatic reports were sent.

I restarted the project as well as the machine without solving it.

I hope it’s not a file corruption as I would prefer not to currently post the file here public or personal, because it should be a surprise later on… :wink:

And perhaps you can tell me how to add a “last page” after the music, I tried it but was not successful as with the title page etc.

I hope I’ll be back here by tomorrow morning (Germany time)…

Thank you for any advice,

Hi @Tilman_Fricke

Did you try to set it in the preferences?: Preferences…/Note input and editing/Editing/Default click/drag behavior, set it to the desired mode: this should stay the same as choosen here when you open/create any project (even maybe because of a little bug, the icon shows the hand, but the tools behaves as you selected in preferences. To switch temporary between the two behaviors, just press and hold shift)

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Hi @Tilman_Fricke

Just yesterday appeared a new video on the Dorico channel, maybe can help you:

Create a Title Page

But here a short version: in Engrave Mode, create a new Page Template (clicking on the +) based on None and Custom. Give it a name (for example Blank Page), right click on the little icon of your last page in the Pages section on the right-top, choose Insert Page Template change…, choose your newly created Page Template. Now at the end of your score should appear a Blank page , without overrides :slight_smile:
If you by “last page” mean it having some text, you can add the text, or picture or whatever in the created Page Template with double click on the Page Template that you created (don’t edit directly the Layout if you don’t want an override)


Hi Christian,

thank you for your response, yes, I watched the livestream live on YouTube.

When I select the last music page in engrave mode
and then klick “insert page template change”, then select my new empty page template from “Use page template” menu and choose Range: “Current Page Only”,

the result is that the empty page appears before the last music page.


When I choose “Range: From this page onwards”, then it does not add my empty page from the templates, but replaces the las music page with my empty page.

So currently I have no idea how to get it in the right order, just to add one or more page after the last music page, sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’ll watch the video again and see whether I have missed something…


Hi Christian,

thank you for your response.

Yes, in preferences, “Marquee Tool” is set.

I can confirm that it behaves as selected even if the other icon is shown as active. OK.

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Hi @Tilman_Fricke
it sounds to me as you are having some override going in your pages. Do you see in any of the tiny icon-pages a red triangle?

If you want I can have a look at your Project, to see what is going on.

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The option that you select in this dialogue will be the active one when you open your project.
Also if it the little icon in main window shows you a hand, if you try to drag in your music you will see it behaves correctly as marquee tool (and vice-versa if you choose the hand tool as default).

Can you confirm this?

(At least is what I experience on my computer. I think the hand tool icon staying active instead of switching to the marquee tool icon, in the main window, is a little graphical bug.)

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Thank you, Christian,

there are no override triangles, those I try to avoid.

scr_Samstag, 2. Dezember 2023_9h2m7sscr_p2scr_p3
I will probably do it without an appendix page, add an additional one before the music and perhaps try to add an appendix next week, after “publishing”. :wink:

Thank you again!

Yes, thank you, I can confirm this.

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If I choose Hand tool in the preferences and reopen the project, it shows the hand tool as active on the bottom and the behaviour is “hand tool” as well.

If I choose “Marquee tool” and reopen the project, it shows hand tool on the bottom and the behaviour is “Marquee tool”.

This remains an interesting problem. If you have time this days you could duplicate your project, delete all the music (on the duplicate project select all, filter notes and chords, and press the delete key) leaving just the empty bars and just share the naked thing here. I think if there is a problem with some template, or frame chain, it can be diagnosed also without the music, just with the frame chains and the page templates. I like problems solving :wink:

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Hi Christian,

thank you so much,
I’ve attached the “empty” project here:

diagnostic_orchestra_november_2023.dorico (1,1 MB)

Measure 40 is a hidden 5/4 instead of 4/4 as @lafin suggested here:


Caesura playback

Than you for the empty Project @Tilman_Fricke . I tried and it happens what you described. I have no idea why it behaves like that (Dorico puts the empty page template on the page but doesn’t reorder the previous content as expected).

But I found that, after inserting the blank page template on page 8 (causing this unespected behavior that the blank page remains page 8 and the previous music goes to page 9) if you select the icon of page 8 (that has now a green upper side) and click the Swap with next Page button (as in the picture) , Dorico gives you the desired effect: blank page on last page. Maybe someone has an idea why this happens…I will research further :slight_smile: Mal schauen…

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Hi @Tilman_Fricke I tried also with an empty simple project, and indeed it is what happens and I think it is the expected behavior after all.

If you insert the page template change (inserting a blank page) as “current page only” in any place, Dorico will put the blank page where you decided, and shifts the rest of the music (contained in the frame chain) on other pages, creating them as needed.

If you insert the page template change (blank page) as “current page only” on the last page, he will indeed put the blank page on the page that you choosed, and shift the original last page in the final position. You can then use the little arrow pointing to the right (Swap with next/Previous Page) to move the page template change to the last page, as I described in my last post, so you can freely position and swap your template changes: this function is very useful. (Just keep in mind that if you change the position of the pages with music in this way, the manual staff spacings that you made in engrave mode are lost: so better to do manual staff spacings at the very end.)

The option “from this page onward” is not very useful for blank pages templates or templates with only text or picture frames, because they don’t have a music frame chain inside them, so you music will disappear from this page onwards :slight_smile:

So this was after all the expected behavior. Sorry for making you confuse.


(I just added to the title of this thread the other topics we discussed, to facilitate the search for other users that may be interested, since the original title had only one topic)


Hi @Christian_R,

Thanks, that’s the solution. :clap:

I’m so sorry how stupid I was not to search for the mouseover info-text of the swap arrows. I simply thought (or thought nothing at all :thinking:) the arrows were for navigating between the pages and not for swapping positions and therefore just ignored them and even did not at all try them out in this context.

Learned something again, very nice.
And thank you as well for the info about swapping music pages. :+1: :wink:


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Good idea, thanks! :+1:

Indeed @Tilman_Fricke it is a very confortable function: it works nicely to move your page template changes or flow header changes between pages: for example if you want your Vorspann on Page 2 and the Player List on Page 3, or on the last page for example: just keep clicking the little arrow pointing right and your page will travel all along your document :slight_smile:

Here the page of the Manual:

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