Font timecode of the video player.

How can I change the video player timecode font? On one computer I have a normal font, on the other just terrible. And both on N8 and on N10. Because I suspect that the font is assigned in the system and not in the program. Both computers are running Windows 10. Thanks.

Don’t any of the developers know where the Nuendo video player gets the timecode font?!!! Maybe this is a stupid question for someone, but when I have a timecode on half the screen, then there is no time for jokes. Help me! I didn’t buy your program to be ignored here.

+1 here, I’d like to know that too…

try putting a support ticket in at mysteinberg (top right hand corner of the SB homepage) - that’s the ‘official’ support mechanism

then you can be ignored there too :smiley:

Same issue here in Cubase 10.5, but even worse. Because of the font (I’m guessing), the timecode text is cut off both in the video viewer and when exporting video.
Cubase 10.5 Timecode.PNG

Then I realized that the problem occurred only on the computer on which I installed the trial Cubase 10.5, and the rest of the system is identical. So it’s all the fault of installing Cubase 10.5. Reinstalling Nuendo 10.2 didn’t change anything.

nuendo 10.2.10, just installed new fonts for a photo project i had to do and now nuendo timecode in video is all messy. how do i change that ?
please help :open_mouth:

… need help on this :stuck_out_tongue:

had to remove fonts from my windows/Font folder to get rid of this.
But i think nuendo takes whatever font you added last to this folder.
so really i had to remove all i put there in order to get back to windows basic fonts. Very annoying as you can’t sort those fonts by recently added in this folder for some reason.
This should be something fixed in nuendo.

this bug is really annoying!! Please fix this soon.
Will send a support ticket…

Same problem here.


It works ok here on my side.

It seems to be Windows only, or is here someone with Mac too?

What screen resolution do you use, please? HiDPI? Is HiDPI on in Cubase? What scaling do you use in Windows?

So why not to restore system fonts one by one and find the ugly guy!? And tell everyone his name!?

it’s not about a specific font. it’s the last one you added to your system that is selected by default by nuendo.
so you are forced not to add any or to make sure the last one you add is one you can work with.

Strange. I installed a lot of additional fonts in my system, but no issues so far and have no idea about it. But I had weird accidents in previous versions of Windows when I added some fonts but somehow other was corrupt. Are you sure that nuendo uses the last font installed (doesn’t matter additional or original) for timecode? And original fonts are ok after installation of additional ones? Because when you deleted system fonts windows restored it with originals. I used to think that nuendo uses some certain font i.e. verdana and if something’s wrong with it then we got what we got now. Sorry if I’m wrong, really want to help)

Are you sure the last font added by windows is a "strange one ?
Imagine you add a bunch of crazy font but the last one (like maybe alphabetic order…) Is a sort of arialish you won’t notice a difference really.
I think.

I’m not sure about anything) But undoing one’s last action and redoing it step by step usually helps. Ok, I’ll try to add a bunch of “crazy fonts” to see if my time code font will break)

enjoy :slight_smile:

Anyone find an alt workaround for this issue? Suggestions thus far have not worked for me. Thanks

bump :slight_smile: