footnote with music example

At the end of my guitar solo notation score I want to create text notes with music notation examples.
I got as far as doing a master page with text frame and music frame with some notation in it.
The notation is always the first couple of bars of the piece I’m notating.
How can I put any music I want into that music frame?
That music would be either a copy or an edited version of a couple of bars of the score.

Also, the text always positions itself midway from top to bottom of the frame I made for it.
I failed to find a way to set it at the top of the frame.

  1. Copy the music for the footnote to a separate flow, then use the Flow Filter on the Master Page to exclude that flow from the Master Frame Chain. Then use a layout (LA) music frame for the footnote music, calling in the specific flow you need. This tutorial is pretty old but still relevant - the section on layout Music Frames starts about halfway down the page.

  2. Text frames have a Vertical Alignment property in the Text section of the properties panel. Set it to “Top”.

Thank you for this help, and I have made some progress. However, when I now try to add the new Flow it always comes with all the material in the previous Flow included. I want it to be empty with one page there for me to add text and music. What am I doing wrong?

It sounds like you’re adding a new MA frame chain rather than a layout frame, but there are many variables here. It might be easier to diagnose if you uploaded (even a cutdown) version of the project.

The whole document is 1.4MB. Is that small enough?

Yup. I’m off to bed, though, so no rush unless somebody else jumps in.

Here it is. Thanks again for your help and sweet dreams.
Footnote with (1.35 MB)

Quoting from Dorico Help: “When Frames is selected in the Engrave toolbox, music frames show selectors that allow you to change what music is displayed, for example, by changing which flows and players are assigned to each frame chain.”

“music frames show selectors that allow you to change what music is displayed” Not so much for me.The selectors remained grayed out and do nothing.
Screenshot shows what I mean.

Because it’s a Master music frame chain. It has the Prefix “M,” which means it’s part of the master page. You need to draw a new Layout music frame onto the page: in this case, LB.

(This is a nitpick, but technically you’re adding endnotes, not footnotes!)

Here. I added an endnote to the “with fingerings” layout:

  1. Make sure you’ve assigned that 2nd flow to the desired layout in Setup mode. You have to be able to see the 2nd flow in that layout so you can add music to it.
  2. Add music to the footnote flow
  3. Draw a music frame directly onto the page
  4. assign only Flow 2 to that frame (and only player 1 here)
  5. Season to taste (staff size, padding, etc)

If I could find how to change “MA” to “LB” on a Master Frame, I would crack a bottle of champagne and take a day off from this.

You can’t, because Mx can never become Lx. A Master frame is a Master frame. A layout frame is a layout frame.

If you want to draw a music frame to use for endnotes, don’t edit the master page. Just draw the frame onto the layout itself. It’ll use the prefix L.

What I needed to know was how to get “Lx” anything. The answer I found myself was to click on the blue Mx box and click “Unlink”. Then I click “Lx”, and now I can make a Layout Frame.
Previously I have avoided clicking “Unlink”. That sounds like something not to mess with unless you know what you are doing. In desperation I tried it on a scratch duplicate copy of my document.
So goes the thinking of a naive user…

I’m glad you found a solution, but I’m still not totally following. Did you draw a music frame directly onto the page, like so?

You added text and music to the bottom of my document last page.
I wanted endnotes on a new page, so I did “Insert page”, selected “at end of layout”, added a new music frame and a text frame.
The text frame is blank. The music frame contains a duplicate of the music you added.
I don’t know how to control the content of my new music frame. It doesn’t behave like a nice new Flow music frame. It seems to have a mind of its own.

If you drew the music frame directly onto the page, then it’s a Layout music frame, Lx. In that case, you can choose from the dropdowns What to display in it. Click on the frames tool to show the dropdown menus on the frame.

The result of choosing Flow 1 from the dropdown is the entire piece in Flow 1. Is there a way to view only one measure of the piece?
I am assuming the whole piece is in the new frame, though I only see the beginning of it.
How can I get to and view only, say, measure 101?
Is a better way to do this by using Slices and graphics frames, or simply dropping a screenshot into a graphics frame? It seems more intuitive, but an I forfeiting any advantage by doing it that way?

The best solution is to create a new flow with only the material you want to display, and that flow will only display in that frame. That’s the intended workflow for things like endnotes.

Why, when I create a new Flow, do I get the whole Prelude and not an empty Flow with one bar with nothing but a rest in it?

I want just the empty bar. Then I can paste one bar into it like I want to. Or more bars…

Did you create a new flow, or duplicate the existing flow?