For Midex users

Paul Woodlock wrote:
But really, if this unit is that old and discontinued then what is the harm in releasing the spec so that someone else can write a 64bit driver for it? It’s surely got past the time period of commercial sensitivity now?

Reiknir wrote:
…the problem partly lies in the unusual method that the Steinberg and emagic MIDI interfaces took in minimising latency that would make these more time consuming to work around and they probably cannot see a business case for doing a driver.

What Reiknir states are real issues, specifically the business model part. Because the MIDEX driver used embedded proprietary time-stamping (LTB), updating the driver would basically require a rewrite, not some hacked loader. High quality driver development can cost upwards of $10k-$25k. Add in recoup-ability (marketing costs…typically 4:1 based on the bill of materials) and you wind up with a product would have to be sold without a true sales projection (no way to know how many people would actually buy it at this point in time) …making pricing difficult if not impossible.

Initial pricing aside, let’s imagine they worked out a solution to the licensing issues, did the rewrite and offered it up nominally for $50 a pop. They’d have to sell 800 to 2000 units to simply break even. Even if they were suddenly overcome by an altruistic sense of guilt and offered it up at just the cost of the driver….they’d still have to sell 200 to 500 units to break even. I don’t see the numbers working this late in the game.

I’d have to agree…too iffy a business model.

I’m probably going to go with three of the Roland UM-3Gs - racked together. In a month or two, when I rebuild my computer on Win7 64 bit, this will be the way I go with midi.

I considered Motu, but I think Roland has done a much better job supporting their products over the years. Heck, I even have a UA-5 soundcard that is ancient - but they rolled out drivers for Win7 for it! Roland also has a good history with making solid midi boxes (like the UM-880 - which is hard to find at the moment).

ESI is off of the list because they are going down the class compliant route - which is a huge mistake for midi. You need drivers that overcome problems with class compliant drivers.

What I’d really love to see is a midi interface device that would plug into soundcard out ports with integrated drivers that would make it sample accurate to match the audio playing in the computer. Kinda like the stuff on - but as a full blown interface, not just a sync box for an external sequencer.


P.S. - To think that I picked the Midex8 (2 of 'em actually) over a Roland UM-880 when I was selecting midi interfaces a few yrs back. Boy did I ever blow that decision.

I agree on most of your points except:

Yes, in the specific case of Windows … but the fact that the Windows’ own class-compliant drivers might not be good does not imply that making MIDI devices class-compliant per se is a bad thing, nor are class-compliant MIDI devices a “huge mistake for MIDI”.

I’m sure you didn’t intend to imply this, but I just wanted to clarify for anyone else reading this. For example, I’ve found class-compliant MIDI devices on Linux to perform very well. You need drivers that overcome problems with class compliant drivers on Windows.

If class compliant drivers are working well with Linux, that’s great. How many people use Linux as the environment for their DAWs? Does Steinberg make any Linux based DAWs?


If class compliant drivers are working well with Linux, that’s great. How many people use Linux as the environment for their DAWs? Does Steinberg make any Linux based DAWs?


You’d be surprised! Cubase on Windows is my main DAW, but there are many interesting MIDI applications available on Linux; I also use some ancient Atari ST MIDI software from time to time, connected to Cubase on Windows via MIDI.

Not yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

My point of course was not an argument for or against either Linux or Windows – I was merely pointing out that it is not a disadvantage if a USB MIDI interface is class-compliant. If you use only Windows, the poor Windows MIDI drivers may be a problem, but if you use another OS then class-compliant hardware simplifies matters.

I am in the same situation. I really would like to move to Win7 64 bit for two reasons - more RAM and Cubase 6.
As a consequence I have to give up my Midex8 which is running well with XP since years. A nice piece of hardware with very reliable XP drivers.

Due to environmental reasons it is for me completely unaccaptable to simply throw away a good piece of hardware.
I am wondering that this argument is not considered by Steinberg. This is not responsible at all and I wish I could discuss this with their CEO !!!

However, I am now forced to look for other options (Motu ?) but for sure I will never/ever buy any other piece of hardware from Steinberg although I would have been very interested in their audio interface MR816.

why not to collect money from Midex 3/8 existing users, in order to pay a reverse engineering to obtain new 64 bit drivers?

Anyone out there migrated from XP to windows 7 32bit using laplink? and still having problems with midex 8?
Am contemplating this move as Cubase 6 not very stable for me under XP.

Please have a look at this topic:

I honestly cannot believe this. On the one hand I’m delighted, that a revered piece of hardware can be used with the newer OS’ - however - how come you didn’t give us a headsup on this? I just sold my Midex for a pittance, due to Steinberg’s very clear statement that no further updates would come. I cannot decide whether I’m royally p’ed off or just happy for those still holding on to their boxes.


Of course, for some customers the release of these drivers is too late but we had them and decided that they are good enough to be release to public. That was a very short term decision so we did not have that much time to prepare the release. It wasn’t even an official project here at Steinberg.

your right Transistor it was a very clear statement that there will never be a driver update ,so why not give people an insight that there might of been future development ?
i feel sorry for all those that have let the midex go but all i can say from my side for holding on in hope ,it has paid off and im over the moon … thanks steiny you have restored my faith and i might even buy some more steinberg hardware in the future , once again much appreciated many thanks …im in shock !

the freq

I hear you. And I applaud you loud and clear for doing this. I just wish it happened three weeks ago… grmble, mrmble… :wink:


yes i feel for you :cry: that now means that anyone that has bought a midex for pence has now got the bargain of the century which i think is very sad news , id be absolutely gutted knowing i had forked out another £500 to replace the midex and then this happens …for give me if im wrong but right at the beginning of our original conversation it was stated no more drivers and we were willing to pay someone to develop a driver IF worth while ?
obviously im over the moon BUT i really do feel for those that held out or sold their units on the mac for nothing now to find it is worth something again :cry:


BUT i really do feel for those that held out or sold their units on the mac for nothing now to find it is worth something again

One unit may or may not work on the Mac (according to Ed, he got one working but doesn’t elaborate on whether it was a complete and exhaustive test). I can tell you for certain that two units will definately not run with this new driver on an Intel Mac.

Sure, I felt pretty damn burned after they dropped support for Intel Macs. Keeping my studio’s 16 outboard synths/modules running was a matter of business and I had no choice but to bail and buy a pair of MOTU units 5 years ago. What I’d like to know is why, after all this time (8 years since the last working Mac driver) did they get around to this now? It’s almost like a cruel joke. At least for us Mac guys.

Since the PC side got a stay of execution until Windows 7 was introduced (which hasn’t been that long) I’d guess it was the uproar from the larger PC community that drove this development.

If you picked up one for peanuts because of this,and it works, all I can say is: more power to ya. The things always had the best timing against anything else on the market.

:neutral_face: Better late than never.
I sold mine 1 year ago for almost nothing,but i guess it’s good for those who kept it.
For years we asked for these drivers and all we got was a stubborn denial.It harmed Steinberg’s credibility.

I might see if I can get hold of a second hand unit now, I considered getting one but saw they were discontinued and not supported for W7 64. If I can pick one up for €50,- from someone who is unaware of the new drivers that’d be ace :sunglasses:
These drivers will support W7 64 right?

Right … perfectly. :smiley:

Lovely, thanks!
I have replied to some second hand midex offers :sunglasses: