For those with Cubase SX about to load Cubase 6 ....

Would it be OK if you were to kindly post your results/thoughts/moans/Allelulias at the above post - just to help keep everything in one place.

Thanks much!!


After running Cubase 6 on XP for a few weeks without a hitch, it’s suddenly started crashing & closing repeatedly every 5-10 minutes. So far as I’m aware I haven’t changed anything & the performance meter is running 20-30% max. I’ve even tried freezing tracks but all to no avail. The MS error report is as long as my arm & means nothing to me!

I’m using ASIO4ALL drivers, as when I select the novation nio drivers the left & right outputs appear on different monitor outputs! I’m using a Carillon PC with Q8300 @ 2.5GHz with 4GB of RAM & it comfortably handles far greater loads in Cubase SX.

I appreciate that XP isn’t officially supported, so don’t expect much help from Steinberg, but plenty of people seem to be running it without problems.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Also if I need to switch to Windows 7, then so be it but whch version will I need & what’s the smoothest way to change?

Yikes, a little worrisome that this happened after a few weeks of C6 running fine on XP. Hopefully this gent will find out it’s a run of the mill kind of problem, not a delayed h*llish incompatibility between XP and C6.