Cubase 6 on xp

When I install cubase 6 on xp with the e-licenser updated, doesn’t run. I installed SP3 but when cubase starts it looks like the syncrosoft wasn’t installed. Maybe a corrupted version of cubase in dvd? Is it possible?
c6 has to be installed manually ,autorun does not work for xp

I’ve intalled with the autorun… At the end of the installation process give the ok message. the problem occurs when I try to execute.

It’s highly unlikely the installation DVD is corrupted but is possible.

Did you install SP3 after installing Cubase? Perhaps you could try reinstalling the latest eLicencer.

If anything else comes to mind I’ll let you know.

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Yes, maybe the e-licenser driver. I’ll download the last driver version. Thanks.

its a question of getting every thing in the right order and if you search the forum you will find the answer on numerous threads ,after installing netframe sp3.5 sp1 reboot and install eliencer ,reboot and fire up cubase


Is the netframe 3.5 update necessary to run C6, or just for the successful update of the USB-eLicenser?

My question has to do with whether I need to install netframe 3.5 to run C6 on my non-internet XP music computer, if I’ve successfully updated my USB-eLicenser on another XP computer (that computer does have the netframe 3.5 on it)?

I have an internet XP computer that has netframe 3.5, and I successfully upgraded my USB-eLicenser on it.

I then plugged my newly updated USB-eLicenser into my XP music computer, which does NOT have netframe 3.5 on it, and I am able to use my SX3 without a problem.

Now I’m wondering - will I need to install netframe 3.5 on the XP music computer in order to run C6? Or, was the netframe 3.5 install only for the USB-eLicenser, and C6 ought to run just fine on the XP that doesn’t have netrame 3.5?

I know it’s probably uber-paranoia, but I hate messing with my music computer more than I have to, and if I can run C6 there without adding netframe 3.5, I’d like that.


logic… if you can’t load the eliencer without netframe 3.5 then …check all the threads ,net frame has nothing to do with sx3 (which i still use as well) its about the latest elicenser which you have to have to use c6 so in so many words there is your answer !

OK, then, thanks!

Well, I updated the elicense driver to, just the last version. In the elicenser web, they list the requirements, and for the elicenser is only necessary the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and servicepack 3. I have all of these installed, but when I install cubase 6 doesn’t run. Gives me an error.

Like I don’t have internet connection in this computer that I use only for music, I can’t install Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5, because it’s necessary this connection for the installation.
I downloaded the framework 2.0 from another computer with internet, but when I downloaded the 3.5 and instaled in the music computer, in the installation process it reclams the internet connection.

Is there another solution for this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Aloha F,

Is there anyway you can try using Win7?

you will need internet connection to down load it IF you want c6 to run on xp

1 install netframe work 3.5 +sp1
2 install the latest elicenser turn off and reboot and start c6 and it should work

this has been tried and tested by so many of us xp users , netframe 2 does not seem to work with c6 nor does net 4 but netframe 3.5 is more stable then a physciatric patient on 500mls of chlorpromazine as long as its installed correctly !


Hi alexis -

In my case:

  1. Netframe was only needed to update the USB-eLicenser on my XP-SP3 Internet computer.
  2. C6 runs perfectly well on my non-Internet XP-SP2 DAW without netframe being installed.

In my case:

  1. Netframe was only needed to update the USB-eLicenser on my XP-SP3 Internet computer.
  2. C6 runs perfectly well on my non-Internet XP-SP2 DAW without netframe being installed.

With the installation of last version of elicenser I don’t have problems. With SP3 and netframe 2.0 runs perfectly. And I can use cubase 5.5.2. But with the update or cubase 6, only have problems.

Hi Fco. Luis -

What kind of problems?

I’ve got Net frame 1.1.x on my XP SP3 :frowning:

Well, I’ve intalled SP3 and last versions of Net frame 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. Now all runs ok. Thanks to all.

Hi Bredo -

Referring to my report 5 posts above, you’ll see that I only needed Netframe to update the E-licenser. I do not have it installed on my DAW.

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Thank you for posting that, Keres!!!


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: