Force duration of rest in triplet

Is there a way to force the duration of the rests that are notated by the red box in this screenshot?

I’m trying to change it from two eighth-notes (quaver) to a quarter note (crochet) but when I try and force the rest duration following the documentation I don’t have the ability to change the duration (or even have any controls available).

Thank you in advance.

On percussion there really isn’t a legitimate way to edit rests. This is on the backlog for further development (hopefully in the next release cycle).

If you’re desperate you could use the following workaround: Percussion staff issue - #3 by pianoleo

Or if you prefer video:

Turn on the caret, over first eighth rest, turn on force duration and the rest (,) , change to quarter note entry and a quarter rest in the triplet should appear.
(Edit, don’t know about percussion lines).

Thanks Leo.

This is unfortunate. Hopefully the devs treat percussion notation like actual music notation in the future and not their idea of what percussionists need.

There does seem to be a commitment from the development team to do something about this. See Hiding drum set rests - #2 by dspreadbury for instance.