Four Questions For Watson

Made entirely with Cubase 6.
Hope you enjoy. Appreciate advice and comments.

Very tight arrangement and some slick playing in there. :smiley:
A great mix which is very nicely balanced.

My only nittish comment might be its degree of compression.

Enjoyable and nicely quirky piece.


what a neat whimsical piece of music. everything had a chance to shine, guitar, bass and keys. really well done even with a bit of tongue in cheek. enjoyed it!

Thanks for listening, Jet. I will give some more consideration to the compression. There is compression at several stages, and I’ve tried using the Multi-Band Compressor on the master bus with this one for the first time, and liked that it brought out the high-mids a little. Maybe it’s too much to use both the MBC and the regular Cubase compressor for mild “gluing” on the master bus.

Bob, thanks for listening. Glad the intended whimsy got through!

Interesting! I especially like your guitar.

If you want to check your dynamic range as mentioned by pearldiver let me repeat my advice of using the TT Dynamic Range (Offline) Meter. That is a tiny, but great tool which not only shows the dynamic range of an instrument, song or cd but also keeps you from having O db-chains in the final mx (which often come out as overs when transfomed back from digital to analog audio signal).


Excellent stuff!

Very well done!

Thanks for sharing.

Sounds to me like a collaboration between XTC & Snakefinger :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening, Heiner. I will take a look at the tool, thanks for the link.

Thanks, Joan. I admit to not knowing the music of either of these artists, but now I’ll have to look them up! Love your signature, by the way.

quite a weird tune and neat arrangement, i particuly enjoyed the middle section where it went all Frippy, good one.

Thanks for listening, Firestamper. I’d like to say that not all my tunes are weird, but it’s probably not true! Appreciate the feedback!

Yes, that’s the best part! But I enjoyed the whole song! :sunglasses:
The marimba/organ line is nice, cheesy but nice! :slight_smile:

Great job.


Yeah, XTC all the way! Nice sounds. Great tone on the guitar solo!

It’s strictly a taste thing, but I would have brought the guitar down a tad

Nice quirky piece

Thanks for listening, Wim. So far I got weird, whimsical, quirky, cheesy, and Frippy! I guess it’s having the intended effect. I was definitely going for cheesy on the organ, to give it a game show atmosphere. Imagine Fripp as a gameshow contestant.

Definitely going to have to check out XTC.
I assume everything is a taste thing; thanks for constructive comments. We could all benefit from each other’s feedback, and it would be good if we all gave each other more. I don’t know about others, but I most certainly lose sight of the big picture after a short while of working on something, and friends and family are not ever going to be honest. And just to mention, our studio monitors are all different. So thanks again for listening and feeding back.

Yeah, takes some talent to get blatant cheese like that sounding totally acceptable! :laughing:

Very nice… quirky, whimsical and downright weird at times! :smiley:
Who is Watson?? :question:

Thanks for listening, Ian. It’s probably not obvious WHAT Watson is to anyone outside the US, or inside the US for that matter! Watson is the IBM computer that took on two of the most successful contestants ever in a popular US television trivia game show and won. Got a fair amount of attention over here. I was thinking ok, Watson can answer questions successfully where we already know the answer, let’s ask it a couple of things we don’t know, and see if it has any insight. I was definitely going for a game show vibe.

Anyway, this is a music forum, not a comedy (or tragedy) forum! On this one, now that I’m on the full version of Cubase, I played with the multi-band compressor, and it’s the first time I ever double-tracked the guitar. I’m trying to get a fuller smoother sound without making it dense, and I think the double-tracking helps, along with all these plugins I put on the master buss, and less reverb. I’m tempted to buy Ozone, but I wanted to learn what I could get from what is already in Cubase (for the most part).

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated!

That’s a good point. More recently I’ve been consciously resisiting being lured into buying 3rd party plugins but rather devoting a bit more time getting to know what’s actually already at my fingertips. And certainly with C6 there’s pretty much everything I need straight out of the box. I know some would argue that certain 3rd plugin’s sound better(compressors , EQ s etc etc) compared to the Cubase offerings, so I guess those few with superhuman hearing are likely to be disatisfied but for lesser mortals like me - well I usually can’t hear any difference anyway so I’m I’m quite content to stick with the bundled plugs. They work, they do the job - just gotta spend time to get to know them! :sunglasses:

I generally agree with your thinking here. What’s the point of having the compressor that beats all other compressors before you know you have used the one you’ve got perfectly? I think it’s way down the list of overall contribution and only gets important when you’ve already beaten the ones above it to death.

I think the “list” in order of importance would look something like this:
(here we’re probably already 90% of the way there - the music could be great even if the stuff below isn’t good)
Performance Equipment (guitars, amps, vsti’s, etc)
Recording Capture (recording equipment, mics, preamps, a/d converters, room, bleed)
(here we’re probably 97% of the way there - music that can “mix itself”)
Mixing skill
Mixing/mastering plugin quality

But like everybody else here, I keep wondering if there’s a magical plugin that reaches down into the 99.7% that came before it and gives it wonderfulness!

That was fun! thanks :smiley: