[FR] A tool to split longer notes into multiple shorter and also combine shorter into longer

Hello Dorico team and colleagues,
I’m wandering, is there any, existing, way to split longer note duration into shorter ?
For example:
in 4/4 I would like to split whole note into 2- half notes, or 4 - quarters, or 8- eights … etc.
in 3/4 to dotted half note into 3 - quarters, or 6 - eights … etc.
If there isn’t such option, I would make a feature request.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

You can use the caret and the Scissors tool (key command U) to split notes at any point - so to turn a whole note into eighths, activate the caret at the start of the note, then select 8th notes (press 5) then press Space U Space U Space U etc to cut your way along the note.

(Edit: other users have also suggested a “copy rhythm” feature - is there a way to copy and paste a rhythm pattern, just the pattern? - that would apply just a rhythm pattern to existing notes, which (were it to exist) you could hypothetically use to a similar effect to your original post.)

@Lillie_Harris hello,
Thank you very much for the reply and help! :slight_smile:
Still this method needs many clicks… I was thinking for something more simple and automated feature to split /combine notes, where one could specify the needed duration, then “Apply” and that’s it.

  1. Click to invoke the “note splitting feature”.
  2. Click to specify the desired duration to be split, or combined.
  3. Click to “Apply” the changes.

Actually such feature could be even more advanced… for example half note to be split into dotted quarter + eight. :slight_smile:
My idea is totally different than “Copy Rhythm”. :slight_smile: A tool that would improve the rhythm creation workflow by eliminating many unneeded clicks.

Best wishes,

Create a 1/8 time signature. Select the note and press U, delete the time signature or revert to your previous time signature.


Actually Leos trick if I got it right…


Thanks for the credit :wink:

…and if you want dotted quarter + eighth, input a 1/4 time signature, select the note and press U, delete the time signature or revert to your previous time signature, then select the passage and hit “.”

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Thank you very much for the help, the thank to @pianoleo, too! :slight_smile:
But as you said it’s a “Trick”. It will work. But of course would be
far better if there is an existing tool to eliminate any needs for tricks. :slight_smile:

Best regards,