FR: Better Graphics Tools

as a:
Contemporary Classical composer

I need:
More flexible graphics tools

so that:
I can freely create the notation that meet my needs for structured improvisation and extended techniques

these tools could include:

  • arrange Z-order for all score elements
  • alignment tools - per page or similar to Lines
  • intuitive placement of graphics as part of the music timeline
  • graphics ‘wrapping’ options
  • removing or trimming staff lines

Findings on testing Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4
I found it fairly unintuitive to use the graphics frames under Engrave Mode. I searched for a option with the noteheads to change the Z-order there as well, so this option seems missing to put graphics in front or behind other score elements. It seems sensible to have a graphics tool as part of Write mode. I also found the constraints control odd to understand - I think about moving a graphic object around rather than making a frame to sit on a page.

I found later that there’s the create option under Playing techniques for making new symbols. It’d be good to have “graphics” as well since I might only use a particular image/SVG once in a score. I’ll give feedback on the symbols and lines editors at a later date - I find them quite fiddly to use.


Thanks for your feedback. We do plan to extend Dorico’s capabilities for graphics in future versions.

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@dspreadbury Thanks - I’ll try Inkscape in the meantime and see if I can get a response from Vectornator on the post below. It would be nice to have a free option available for iPad to do these edits while people await an elegant solution from the Dorico team.

The one thing I’d really like is a way to insert a “full bleed” graphics frame, for easy inclusion of content designed in other apps (e.g. title pages, covers, etc)