FR: Chord popover input options for sus2 chords

I was trying to input an Fsus2 chord. Normally I have my sus2 chords set to display as such, but today I wanted to mix things up and so in my engraving options I have my sus2 chords set to display as “2 only”. Naturally I went ahead and entered ‘f2’ to get F2, which it seems is not possible. It took me about 30 seconds to realise that the chord entry was not broken and that I still had to enter ‘fsus2’.

I would like to add this as a feature request, as to me it makes perfect sense to want to input chords as they are displayed.

EDIT: As always things are more complicated than they seem, and I now realise an Fadd2 chord can also be made to display as ‘F2’. I wonder if there is an argument to be made for the chord quality trumping the alteration in terms of importance of parsing the popover input, but either way it pokes a big hole in my ‘what you type is what you get’ argument!

I’m not going to argue with this as I would love this too, but just wanted to point out this is not how Dorico works and I imagine is unlikely to be changed. I just make my customizations in Engraving Options then mentally disconnect what I actually want from the syntax the chord symbol popover wants.

Just a week ago I needed to have a Gm9(maj7)/A chord and it was driving me crazy that there didn’t seem to be any settings to get it. Turns out I needed to type “Gm(maj9)/A.” Um, ok. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that chord written like that, but that’s the syntax Dorico wanted. Of course in other programs like Finale you can create whatever chords you want in your chord library, and the order the characters were input will be the order you use when you use Type Into Score. Dorico doesn’t maintain a chord library like that but rather uses specific syntax to get chords to appear the way you have specified in Engraving Options. I’m not saying I agree with this, only that if you want to get comfortable with using chord symbols in Dorico there’s a specific process where the chords that appear are often not the syntax that the popover is looking for. Recognizing and coming to terms with this does make the experience less frustrating!

Apologies for reviving my own dead thread, perhaps I meant to say that I would like Dorico to have a slightly more broad approach to parsing the chord symbol popover input. Which brings me to the reason I’m bringing this back to life - I’d love to be able to just type “/F#” and Dorico will have a little peek at the previous chord and see that it’s a Gmaj7sus2add#11 and know that I’m trying to input “Gmaj7sus2add#11/F#”. And only if there’s no prior chord will Dorico discard my input.

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