Fr: double tap dot for grace notes

Simply that: Double tap dot for grace notes would be a nice addition to v5!

Grace note is already just one click away. On Italian keyboard it is dash or Option/Alt-dash.


If you mean that you want a dotted grace note, try this.

Change the rhythmic grid to the next undotted value less than the current value of the grace note. For example, if the grace note has been entered as an 8th-note and you want it to be a dotted 8th-note, change the rhythmic grid to a 16th-note (lower left corner of window or Write > Rhythmic Grid > 16th Note).

Select the grace note.

Press alt-shift-right arrow.

= = = = = = = =
Having given these instructions, I must add that it is quite unusual for grace notes to be written with a dot. In my nearly 60 years of music-making I cannot recall ever having seen one in printed music. Because grace notes are executed so quickly, the dot would seem to be of little consequence unless the dotted note is part of a group of two or more grace notes where their relative values are important. In situations like that, I would find it clearer if they were notated as “normal” notes positioned rhythmically so that the composer’s intention is very apparent.


Thank you, I do know the procedure for how to write dotted grace notes. It was a case of standardizing the double tap feature across all note input. I’m currently working on a transcription of a Barroque scholarly piece, which features a stave dedicated to ornamentation (most of which is off the beat). So I’m finding myself using grace notes all the time, and then making them full size, so they look as “normal notes”. But there’s no other way to do it, hence the request to standardize all note input features across the application (for grace notes, too), since I need to enter a lot of these grace notes just as standard notes.