FR : Independent music frames

Something I’d like to see in the future would be the ability to create independant music frames, that would not be tied to the main score when playing back but just on their own.

Not sure about the feasability of this but it would be awesome !

Not sure I understand what you wish… Can you explicate in a more detailed way?

Sure !

I’d like to have the possiblity of having my main score that could be played back, but as well insert here and there for instructional purposes some snippets of music that are not tied to the score.
Right now the workaround that can be done is to create extra flows and display some of their bars in those indie frames elsewhere, but in the context of educational material like a book/method I don’t want those extra flows with extra pages and all, as it messes up with the page count and overall layout/formatting (not to mention the chore that is scrolling through flows in setup mode as it’s only horizontal and either scrolling too fast or too slow when trying to move flows ; I do hope at some point we’ll get a sort of flow grid in the UI to conveniently move/swap them as we wish, because when we have a lot of flows it’s a real pain having to deal with this mandatory horizontal scrolling ; the grid could even be a floating panel, it would be soooo convenient).

Therefore I’d like to be able to just create frames and input music without it being tied to an overall score.

Maybe you could use Graphic Slices for this? (you can position them where you want and they dont affect playback)

If I’m not mistaken they are more for graphic purposes, meaning the music content would need to be created somewhere anyway (either extra flows or other file) ?
I thought they were used more to export music content from a Dorico file rather than create some ?

I answer this and also the other post FR : Flow grid & engraving fix - #11 by AMazedBrane

You can move/reposition the flows also vertically in Project Infos!. You can also select multiple flows,also not contiguous, and move them together , with the arrows in the lower part of the window. If you selected multiple non contiguous flows, they will become contiguous after moving :slight_smile: so there is much flexibility.
I think a grid would make unclear what comes first and what comes after.

Thanks for the tip !
I didn’t know the vertical thing was already possible, at least it’s more simple and convenient than the horizontal one.
However I stand by the grid idea, unless being from a few countries that have different writing systems, most people read left to right and top to bottom so I don’t see how it would be a problem, especially since it would be live-updated on the left list.
Dragging stuff like that has already proven to be efficient and intuitive in many softwares, I’m sure many of us would benefit from that :wink:

You can create an extra flow at the end of the project, just to create the graphic slices. After creating and exporting them, you can delete this flow or just deselect it from the layout where you don’t want it to appear. Then you insert the slices in engrave mode (insert graphic frame).

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Yeah that’s the workaround I was referring to in my initial reply to your comment, but as I said in an educational context like for a book/method I don’t want extra flows, and have a slick UI in which I can easily navigate rather than seeing extra pages I don’t care about and bothering me while working haha

In both option I gave you, you will not see the extra pages.

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those are still workarounds, with many extra steps (plus what you suggest implies making no mistakes or leaving room to no change because after exporting the slice and deleting the flow it would need to be redone if there’s a mistake or I just wanna copy/paste the music snippet to make some changes/variations in an other frame), and this topic is more about not having workarounds than finding new ones, and having new features instead ; but thanks for the suggestions

You can create as many flows as you like, without them showing up in the main score. Just select the flows you WANT to show in the page template‘s music frame. Additional flows will then not be appended.
Then you can use music frames either as master frames (setting them up in additional page templates) or layout frames (drawing them directly in engrave mode) and show the additional flows where needed.
As I understand that’s what you want?


I’ve been working in a very similar situation than the one you’re describing yesterday. Here’s how I solved it:
I created a new page template, based on nothing. Created a music frame in it, with something else than MA music chain.
I create a new flow, used a page template change to use that new page with the new music chain (MP, the name is automatic and can vary). That music chain is configured to contain only that flow, and the one instrument I’m writing for (in the music frame blue settings at the top left corner). I wrote that bit of music there.
In the Default page template, I edited the MA chain so that every flow is ticked except that last one.
I created another page template with different music frames. One music frame with the MP music chain to display that example I need, created in the extra flow, and another with MA music chain where the music will flow.
If I change music in that “extra” flow, it will be shown in the page using that last page template I’ve described. That extra flow does not appear in any layout as it’s not part of MA, as expected. It keeps in sync, no workaround. Granted, it’s not “intuitive”, because you need to grasp different levels of abstraction, but it’s brilliant and it works. And it’s solid, no overrides needed.


There is nothing wrong with workarounds. If one wants something unique, a little extra effort is not unreasonable.

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Thanks, I’ll try that !

Thanks Mark, seems a bit far fetched haha but I’ll still try, I’m curious !

Never said there was anything wrong ; there have been numerous features requested on this forum and we know that the team is reading the topics so it costs nothing to ask, there’s already Marc who apparently was in a similar situation as I so if we’re already two it means there most likely are as well other people with the same need :wink:

Yes, that would be the „optimal“ option, I also thought about it. But it indeed requires some experience with frames.

For what it’s worth I proposed a „short flow“ concept a while ago. These short flows would automatically not be attached to the main layout frames and are only accessible by drawing extra music frames.

So we’re talking about a similar idea then !
Who knows, in the future maybe ?