FR: looping parts until triggered

I’d like being able to loop a part indefinitely until an external trigger event is happening. This should happen in sync with the bar/beats of course.

This also means that a part must handle a timeline range for audio/midi/dmx looping. Nested parts perhaps relative to its parent part…?


Yes. It’s hard for me to understand how people use VST Live without such a function. Can’t imagine a live show or worship session without vamps and intros with undefined durations.

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That is possible by using the Cycle on/off function in “Actions and Shortcuts”.

As such, one of those is doable. For multiple, we are working on that. If there is sufficient time in between those sections, you might set new cycle markers “on the fly”, but that’s of course not exactly convenient. Coming.


I was thinking of vamps, intros, solos, etc but wasn’t sure of what it was called in English.

Will you consider different types of automation for the parts? Right now parts follow to next automatically. I’d say Next, Prior, Stop, Repeat and Jump at least .
Similar to songs automation see pict

Right now the midi cycle function is overruling the the visual indication of parts. See pict

Sorry for being so picky, but I am trying to find a VSTLive workflow that would match my gig necessities …

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Yes, we are working on that.

Hi, any ideas on the timeframe for this topic? Sorry for asking but trying to figure when I could implement VSTlive

This should be fixed, at least with the last version on If not pls let us know exactly what you expect that doesn’t happen.

In the last version is indeed working.
I still have no way to spontaniously cycle a part while it is playing… any suggestions?

Part loops and quantized triggers are in the making. For now, you can only activate or deactivate the cycle (also via MIDI, see Devices/Actions and Shortcuts/Transport).

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This is the closest I got… creating a midi track with parts, clicking with mouse on a specific part I want to loop , activating markers to selection, activating cycle. For a live situation means a mouse click and 2 shortcut keys… I cannot though jump to other parts without stopping the track track… or am I missing something?

VST Live cannot jump position other than cycle yet. Quantized jumping is in the making.

Hi, hope you are doing well… Any availability forecast for the loop, quantize and jump functions? Thanks

This is hard to answer right now. This year is all we can say so far, should be summer.

Please also make the loop available through MTC.

Currently cycle doesn’t work with MTC. It doesn’t trigger the loop point in the other application (Cubase in our case), it just runs further there.

Will check.

Done, coming next version.

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Just saw your comment.

Thank you very much! That is awesome!

I have found some issues, created a new thread VST Live 1.3.16 - MTC Follows Cursor issues
Is it possible to fix this?

is on the list