[FR] R128 LU-Metering

Any news, if the implementation of EBU R-128 features will be coming within one of the very next updates?

R128 is a daily topic in between, and it would be great to have LU-Metering and LU-Normalisation in Nuendos feature set very soon!

In the U.S., ATSC 85 has been signed into law. LKFS 1770-1 and 1770-2 should be available metering options.

I will have to submit r128 compliant mixes by the end of next month, the programmes are to be broadcast in september, so for me this is a rather urgent topic.

It would be so annoying to spend on extra software now just to find out that an update that handles everything in Nuendo is around the corner…

I really think that the integrated approach has quite a few advantages, both for metering and normalization workflows.

There could for example be a new metering track class showing the mesurements of the main out in the project window, that would leave all external meters in the dust!


Oh, sorry, of course the ATSC-norm should also be implementated, not only the European one…

There are a few cheap and (after first experiences) good-working EBU-plugins for metering, but I did not find any affordable tool which can do an offline-check, and it is a terrible time-killer to check every 90minute-Mix in realtime!

And since Nuendo is the king of offline-processing… :slight_smile:

No worries, I’m sure SB is not reading this. I’m also confident that they will implement these standards soon and totally get it wrong. Nugen meter and new waves meter are both now 64bit and Vst3. I own both and both are reliable. For any of you that have pressing mix needs coming up, the waves plugin rental program is not only convenient, but can be billed to client with ease since this simple metering standard has been successfully marketing to seem like rocket science to average show runner.

Check out PPMulator XL, it should have this feature (ability to check metering offline).

Or this one. (IMO the best, but that’s personal)



That’s the tool I am using at the moment, and it is very very fair prized!

But I also tested the nugen VisLm, which has a much better user-interface. The time window of the LU-graph can be zoomed, so you can see the LU-curve of your whole mix and this gives you a great feedback if you’re perhaps too silent or too loud in several passages of your television-mix. And it has a standalone-version, which I prefer running on my seperate Analyser-PC. But 700,-- for just a LU-featureset (incl. offline-tool) is too much in my opinion.

Yes, the Toneboosters tool offers amazing value for money.
Still, there’s no file based solution for a “reasonable” price around.


Isn’t Orban producing free Windows software that does offline analysis? Or am I remembering incorrectly?..

I found an ITU 1770 meter for Mac and PC, but no offline tool…



I don’t get it. To me this still looks like a meter rather than a file based tool. There is an option to write logs, though.

For some reason I thought it read files only in previous versions. I might have remembered that incorrectly.

There are various tools available, including PPMulator and Waves WLM.

In the UK, mixes referenced to EBU PPMs have been the delivery requirement for broadcasters for many years, but no workstation - not Nuendo, not Pro Tools, nor any other I am aware of - includes this metering as standard. Hence the excellent PPMulator, which now covers both bases.


we’re in contact with many post-production studios and broadcasters. R128 metering is on schedule for Nuendo 6, fully integrated with extensive metering functions and possibilities to switch between various measurement methods. We may be able to even release an intermediate solution before Nuendo 6 hits the market in order to provide support to those who already need to deliver in R128-compliant norm. Many broadcasters (including public and private sector) will entirely change to R128 on September 1st, 2012 (at least in Europe).


that’s great news timo.

are you planning to license the (excellent) zplane ppmulator xl code?

Good news, and thanks for the info.

Any news on when we can see Nuendo 6? Even a rough estimate like “end of year” or “quarter 3”…?

Has been ennounced for “summer”.