FR: Rename current project?

I’d love the ability to change the filename of the currently-opened project. Thanks for considering.


I think the issue is that Dorico is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, and if they do it for Mac, they can’t do it for Windows. It would be great if the company could focus solely on Mac starting from Dorico 6. This move could benefit the company, as most musicians and recording studios nowadays use Mac computers.

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Sorry, that’s a horrible idea. Cut out half your market?

One of many Windows users


And another one.


Is file save as… really too onerous?


Not much in my life is onerous. It’s still a request.

All requests are valid, of course, (but I’d still favour bar repeats in parts, but not score… etc. etc. etc ahead of this.)

Says a Mac user.

With all due respect,.

File Save As works fine, but I do understand the request.

Not the highest priority in my mind, but if it can be done without too much trouble I’d be happy to see it implemented.

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Yeah would be a small nice one. On Windows it should well be possible AFAIK, if Dorico isn’t file locking, which it doesn’t need to be since the document is all memory resident, then it should be able to either move/rename the existing document, or save a new one and delete the old. The latter solution should work if it’s file locking, and barring all of that it might be possible to get into the File attr and do it behind the curtain (black magic that that I try to avoid).

Save as is clumsy, as you go through the whole close/reopen cycle which may well take some time depending on your VST setup. It’s an interruption to the flow of getting work done at any rate.

To be fair if I was on the other side I’d just say “nah, deal with it.”

But you don’t need to close and reopen, right? Once you “save as,” you are working with the new filename.

This has actually been my workflow for the longest time: every production file name is “project name-yyyy-mm-dd-v.xx” The date field is always today. Every time I’ve done significant work (e.g., more than about 10 or 15 minutes) I “save as” and increment the version number. It might seem excessive, but for me it’s second nature. I never inadvertently lose more than 20 minutes of work, I never lose work because “the file got corrupted,” I can always recover that element that I deleted but found a use for again later on, etc.


If you don’t have a strong aversion to Mac, may I kindly suggest trying out the new M1 Macs? Even the basic version with the M1 chip should suffice. Dorico runs incredibly smoothly, like a knife through butter. It’s quite remarkable.

So… you’d like me to change my OS?


Id want to keep the “save as” feature of course, but I’d definitely get use out of a “rename” feature within Dorico.

My use case would be that thinking up a great title is hard enough on its own, so the original name is a placeholder, or that a piece takes a while to show me it’s true shape. What happens with “save a” is that A) I don’t want to loose the backups / history and B) I don’t want a lot of starts and junk to clean up - even if the latter is arguably a personal problem. :slight_smile:


I agree that this would be convenient. I make ample use of save as a new version (assigned key command) and occasionally retitle the project at my leisure. I find that faster than save as.

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I do have a strong aversion to buying an entire new computer when my current computer works perfectly.


I consider this trolling.


Dear @RZDorico,
We are using in our company both Mac and Windows computers, they have each their advantages and disadvantages (also the Macs, yes!). And our Scorewriters do have either Mac or Windows. Neither user category would dance on the table of joy if they had to replace their working computer by another, only because Steinberg would stop supporting their platform.
Besides: if you have a well thought software development platform, you can work fairly independently of the user platform. We are transparently developing simultaneously for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS…
Warm greetings, Robrecht


It’s unfortunate that you have such a limited view of the world of music creation and notation. From a marketing point of view, ALL platforms need to be considered.