[FR] "Save as Template" exclude media option

Hello SB,
Please add an “option” to exclude media when “Save as Template” is selected (check box?). This is a safety feature request.

It is most important during a full band tracking session. Once you have just completed recording a new song, full of new media, with everyone’s headphone mix tweaked, with gains and sub-mixes set, with channels assigned and named…, it should not be so difficult or so dangerous to create a new clean “media free template” of your open project, so as to start the next song.

Nuendo 7 Feature Request (17 +1’s)

Nuendo 6 Feature Request (23 +1’s)

As mentioned in some of the posted replies here, it can be very dangerous without this feature. The possibility of deleting brand new media files while creating a new template is real, unless you are very very careful. This is a safety feature. It is more than just a convenient time saver which it would also be.

Thank you, Nuendo is great.
Jim Fox



It is hard to believe that this request has been completely ignored for so many years. There is obviously a solid demand for it and it surely can not be too difficult for Steinberg’s experts to implement.

How can files be deleted in this process as it currently works?


-select all media in project window
-remove all in pool
-erase from trash
-save as template
?? would that work ??

my gut feeling says this should work. still, it would be a nice and handy feature to have that as a “one checkbox action”

?? would that work ?? No, you just proved my point. You just deleted all the newly recorded media files from your hard drive. Your new template is good but the song you just recorded a few minutes ago is gone forever. I am talking about a project with newly recorded media files. Not an older project that has media from a previous session. It is an operator error trap.

Also your current project is now blank. Did you remember to Save As Project to a temporary, before you removed all the Events? Assuming you did carefully “Removed media from Pool” and not “Erase from Disk”, to continue your current project you then have to close the temporary project and re-open the one you were just working on. Additionally, for safety, you really should Mirror the project to a backup drive before attempting this, which is another step.

All this while 7 musicians just got their groove, recorded a great take, and are anxious for you to setup and start their next song. The pressure is on. Ideally you need to do this after every song because things change, like the drummer added a timbale.

Why not a simple Save As Template check mark to exclude media? Safe and Done.

So glad this topic is being discussed.


You are right Jim. Simple and fast. Now let’s move on to the next track.

I naturally assumed the first step would be to make a duplicate / copy of your project so you DON’T lose your recorded stuff. But as you pointed out, it’s all a workaround and prone to error. As are many things in Nuendo, sadly. Prone to user error.

So many things that can go wrong. I recently lost all my user settings because I created a new user profile to play around in assuming “it would make a copy of my current user settings”. Then I mistakenly deleted my profile. While the new profile Nuendo created was not a copy of my current settings but a fresh start. Direct Offline Processing is a minefield, too.

So, yes, +1 to a simple solution. But these things tend to never get implemented by Steinberg.

I do this all the time, have NEVER lost a single file in 16 years of using Nuendo.

Save project with audio data
select and delete all events from screen.
use “back up project” to a new location, with the name of the folder and project changed to something usefull, like ?-Template (tell the pop up window to remove all unused data)
then save THIS newly created as a template


Come to think of it, I’ve done this too. It works.

In the absence of options, I do the above all the time as well-- but I “back up project” WITH the audio so as to ensure keeping the original safe.

But often I miss stashed and hidden little pieces of room tone, alternate takes, etc. that I’ve hidden from the project window or just overlooked, and all of those steps feel like an unnecessary inconvenience. Should be a one or two-clicker.

Still a +1 on this request!


If you use “prepare archive” you will be far less likely to loose any data.
In 17 years of using Nuendo I have NEVER lost a file if I use prepare archive before saving, then “Back up” project without copying any data.

Cheers Guys,

Not to get all semantic… but either way feels like too many steps. I haven’t used “Prepare Archive” since they moved it over to the Media menu; “Back Up Project” does all of what it does anyway, doesn’t it?

I also have not lost any files, ever… well, once, a long time ago, but a Time Machine backup took care of that… but the main issue for me is the hassle. My templates, though no great shakes, are in a pretty progressive state of development, and a one or two-click solution is much more attractive than going though all of the backup steps. Have been wishing for it even back in my “Prepare Archive” days!


Prepare archive becomes useful only if you have imported files into the project, but did not have them copy into the working projects audio folder, or if you did some clip processing and the results lives in the “Edits” folder instead of the Audio folder, prepare archive writes new files into the audio folder and severs the link to the “edits” folder

Right… and “Back Up Project” does exactly the same thing, along with duping the project file. Kind of redundant, function-wise ain’t it? Or am I missing something?

Though we digress from Mr. Fox’s topic… thanks for the opportunity to scratch my head about this one with people who would at least understand what we’re talking about. So rare in real life these days…