[FR] "Save as template" exclude media

Please add an option to exclude media when “Save as template” is selected (check box?). Important for use during a full band tracking session when you have just completed recording a song with everyone’s headphone mix tweaked, gains and sub-mixes set to just create a clean media free template to use to start the next song.

Thank you, Nuendo is great.
Jim Fox


And exclude automation too…

Absolutely +1.

A Dialog Box with features:

Include Media
Include Automation

Would be wonderful.


Very good idea.

Yes. Great.

That would be a very good addition imho.

This has been killing me on band sessions for years…

Also I want to see it on Export Selected Tracks also. This way you can send a track setup out without taking audio with it (use case… after setting up 15 audio tracks and I/O, balances etc for drum kit and after completing the first song of the session

+1, great idea!


That’s been a pain for quite a while. I end up saving to another project, deleting media without erasing, and then saving as template. Less efficient.



I’e submitted feature requests for this for about 2-3 years now… no-ones listening

That is how I do it. But would love to have this build in.

Bye / Tumppi

I think it is time for a window "finder style " were you can at least see the names of the already saved templates with dates of creation. Same when you open from a new template, we should see the creation dates, and be able as well to use folders.


+1 , I would also like the ability, to delete a template, rename it, etc…

This is still a PITA

Steinberg? Can you confirm you will put this on the todo list for either 7.5 or 8

+1, would be a neat timesaver, I generally CTRL+A, Delete, empty pool without erasing, reset all automation then save as template…


I have wanted this feature for years!

+1 Please yes !

+1 YES

…its normal to start new project from template without audio and automation…so
…Save as Template - ()checkbox including media on selected track, (may be for guid track…etc)