Free Grace Period Update to Cubase 13

Have you activated a Cubase license shortly before or right after the release of Cubase 13? Excellent! That makes you eligible for the free Grace Period update to Cubase 13!

Just log into your MySteinberg account and you will find your free update in the Voucher section. As soon as the voucher is redeemed you can install Cubase 13 via the Steinberg Download Assistant and get started with all the new features and improvements!

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Welcome back to the forums, Matthias. Hope your tour was nice.


Has this offer expired? I don’t have a voucher yet.


We offer the grace period updates only for activations shortly before and after the release of Cubase 13 in November 2023 as a gesture of good will. You have activated your Cubase Pro 12 version in September 2022. I hope that you will understand that we cannot offer the free update in your case.

I am also willing to upgrade from 12 Pro to 13 Pro. If there’s any offer or voucher. Please do let me know.



Hi @Matthias_Quellmann ,

Despite the graphics problems (still unresolved) that I encountered with Cubase 13 Pro, I wanted to see the price for the upgrade from Cubase 12 Pro.

On the site it is indicated that at the moment the price is €69.99 (instead of €99.99) but when paying it goes back to €99.99.

Why doesn’t this match?

Exactly the same happened with me. :confused:

Same thing, @Faisal_Raza. You updated long before the release of Cubase 13 and therefore we can’t offer you the grace period update.

Got it! Thanks - Didn’t realize that…

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I have Cubase 11 installed and have an upgrade to 12 that I have never used. If I make use of that upgrade will I get cubase 13?

Yes, @cremedouble, if you activate your update to Cubase 12 now, you will get the update to Cubase 13 for free. As soon as you activate your Cubase 12 license, you will find a voucher for the update in your MySteinberg account.

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That is great news! Thank you very much. Is there a deadline, or do I not need to hurry?

It says in my account ‘Cubase Elements 11 (Grace Period Eligible)’. Are you saying if I update my cubase elements from Cubase Elements 11 to 12 with my grace period update, I get another grace period update for 13 on top of that? This is like grace period inseption?

Can you link me something that explains how to upgrade from 11 to 12 with this eligible grace period thing?

@cremedouble, yes, if you activate a license you will always get access to the latest version. So in your case, you will get Cubase 13.

Here is the link to the support article:

But it appeared to me the offered amount. I hope there’s an offer/sale again so I can get benefit of it :slight_smile: Also if there’s sale on plugins and VSTs, it would be great :smiley:


I didn’t have an activated license recently, but I was super excited to see an update from 10.5 Pro to 13 Pro for such a great price. Grabbed that quickly!