Free plugins with cubase

I have Cubase 12 Pro and Steinberg are offering some free plugins (melodyne in particular) How on earth do I actuallty get them ? There is nothing I can see relating to these in the download manager and nothing on the website, so how do I get them ??

Follow the link on vouchers, register an account, download, install, activate

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Login to your account at My Steinberg and redeem the voucher(s)
Follow instructions to download (look at dropdown).

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Anyone know if you can download these again? I originally installed them on my laptop which i no long have access to, but i now have a new PC. They dont show on the vouchers page anymore, or under products. Where can i find them?

If you previously installed them, just install Steinberg Activation Manager and log in to your account with SAM. Your licenses will still be there. Then use Download Assistant to download.

The only license i have is cubase 12 apparently. But these were free plug ins with the upgrade from 11. I’ve checked the download assistant and cant find them anywhere

You’re right, I can’t find it too.
But fwiw I was tired of using melodyne as an extension and slowly reaching out more and more to variaudio for making the pitch adjustments.
After a year or so I uninstalled melodyne.
I am now working faster with the integrated VA and it sounds a bit more natural as discussed on another topic.
So maybe it is time to give it a chance? Just sayin

You should have had to create an account with the relevant program manufacturers to have these working before, ie, Celemony for Melodyne. Log in to their site for your licence details and to download the software.