Freeze Multiple Tracks (and Freeze Key Command)

I was reminded by a necro reply to a VERY old post of mine that we are still waiting for this, so I thought I’d give it another go with a history of a few of the threads on the topic.

This is a feature I personally have been requesting for almost a DECADE now and many others have been waiting for as well.

-Before anyone posts the suggestion, no, it’s not the same as Render In Place. This has been explained ad nauseam.
-Pro Tools (who is generally late to the party for most features) has implemented this extremely thoughtfully if an example of how it should be done is helpful. (Logic is also great)
-At the very least, why is the “Freeze” function not available in the Key Commands to be able to be assigned a Key Command?

Please guys. I’m begging. My sessions can often have 40 or more VSTi’s. It takes an eternity to freeze them all one at a time.

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The freeze implementation is so pants and categorically NOT equivalent to RIP (deliberate abbreviation).

I would posit that although there are many many people who would benefit from this feature they’ve not contributed to this thread because they’ve just given up asking out of sheer despair.

A bit odd is that freeze not exist as key command. It exist on the CMC-CH. It is not very useful though. It does not work on multiple tracks or selection. And it pops up a dialog so you need to press enter for both freeze and unfreeze. It is like they dont have a clue why people want a separate controller.

Have been hoping for this for years.


Crazy how this hasn’t been implemented yet.

still hoping

+1 there that person is right. It’s a must have please do something about it.

+1 This would be a massive time saver. Freeze a lot of tracks because I need to preserve midi on export. But have to un-freeze and re-freeze with every picture change which can be a pain!

steinberg, please implement multiple track freezing and unfreezing asap for mixers!!!