Freeze, Render, or Bounce a group track?

Hello, Is it possible to either Freeze, Render, or Bounce a group track? Or an FX track? I want to “lock in” the audio on either group or fx channels, including any insert processing that may have been applied. The idea is to minimize the number of tracks from a large project and to reduce CPU. I know this is possible with midi, instrument and audio tracks, but I haven’t found a simple way to do this for my numerous group and fx tracks. Cheers!

You can manually record the output of the Group/FX track on a new Audio track. You just need to set that specific Group/FX as the input of the Audio track, arm it, and record.

I think I’ve hit a little quirk with this method on nearly complete projects. From what it seems, it matters in which order the tracks are created, or else you won’t have the option to select the proper routing in the mixconsole. To bypass this behaviour, you can duplicate your FX/Group tracks, see that they show up available as inputs for the Audio Track, then delete the original tracks (SAVE as new project FIRST, please)

Hi @ggmanestraki ,

Can you explain what you mean here a little more please?


Here, I posted an issue. I was surprised to see this happen, I don’t recall if it was always like this or if it’s a 12.0.50 issue.

Please try it out and tell me if it’s really an issue, or it’s just on my side. It doesn’t take long.

Edit: False alarm. I was working with Preference: VST → Connect Sends Automatically for Each Newly Created Channel, so when I create the new channel Cubase creates a send to the FX track, and removes the available connection. (to prevent feedback probably)

Or create an empty part on the track, enable monitor and render the part. :wink:


Hello again. I still need some help on this. Could you please be more specific. I’ve been trying your suggestions, but whatever it is that I’m doing, things are not working out as I had hoped for.

To reiterate…. let’s say I have an audio track. In the project window, right below this audio track, there’s a Group track. The audio is routed to the group channel. This group track contains several fx inserts (EQ, compression, etc). I want to quickly “bounce / render” the signal that is coming through the group track. We can take this further: instead of a single audio track feeding the group, I could have several audio tracks routed to the group, such as a number of strings. By having a rapid and efficient way of bouncing the signal that is going through the group channel, it will limit the number of tracks at mix time and conserve CPU.

What are the exact steps you recommend? I DON’T want a real-time recording of audio through the group as this would take hours and hours. I’m asking for a quick render/bounce of the signal. Sorry in advance if I’m coming across as confused, but I haven’t figured this puzzle out. Perhaps what I want to do is not possible? (By the way, I’m still on Cubase 11 pro waiting for the C12 bugs to be ironed out.) Thanks!

Here. Have a look.

For clarity, in case anyone is confused by @Louis_R french cubase, it’s a Render in Place using Current Settings that he’s doing.

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Is just exporting the group and ‘create audio track’ not an option?

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Of course it is. It’s not Cubase if there’s not at least 3 or 4 ways to do the same thing!

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