Frequency EQ is Freqin' Fantastic!

I have to say this new Cubase plug-in is like Christmas in, er … December!

Mid-Side … Left-Right … Linear phase … “solo the EQ mode” - for each of eight bands!! This thing is just amazing.

I used to have to go outside Cubase for this (DDMF LP10) - no more!


Haven’t tried it yet, but along with all the other features, the solo function looks particularly unique and useful.


Yeah. It made me sell Pro Q 2. (PM me ;p)

Yeah I’m thinking about the same.

It’s definitely almost as good as Pro Q 2, which is a hell of a feat considering it’s a stock plugin. I really wish Steinberg let you use Cubase plugins in other DAWs. If I could use Frequency in Live I’d really have no need of Pro Q 2. Ableton’s EQ 8 is good, but lacks a couple things I need sometimes

I’m never selling Pro Q2. Ever.

Also, using 3rd party plugins (especially a top shelf plug from Fab Filter) allows me to use them in any DAW I want.

Why is it only almost as good as Pro Q2?

It’s as good as the competition. You would be stupid now to purchase fabfilter, DMG, or WAVES.

Maybe you should only post about things you actually understand.
Then we would have to bear much less posts from you.

Why ? I think Raphie is spot on, as he is most of the time.

Spectrum freeze, EQ matching, automatic gain compensation, spectrum grab, oversampling options, superior and uniquely uncluttered-yet-capable UI… to name a few.

Frequency is good. And for a stock plugin, it’s great. But it’s not Fabfilter. That said, now that Cubase has this I could absolutely live without Pro Q 2 if I had to.

Someone who calls people stupid because they are choosing to buy a third party plug isn’t ‘spot on’. He’s making value judgements based on the way he works and based on what his preference of UI is, and then calling people stupid when they don’t make the same value judgements…

Seriously. I think FreqEQ should cater for 99% of your needs, you need to have very specific demands if you after having FreqEQ still would like to buy ProQ. If you have those specific demands then sure, go ahead, but for 99% of the users FreqEQ will nail it on the head.

I was considering buying the fabfilter eq, and I still think it’s great. And yes, it offers some special things Frequency doesn’t have. But still: I would feel stupid buying it now, because after some days of using Frequency, it seems to do all I need.

In one word: I understand exactly what Raphie said, without feeling offended. I don’t think he was talking about people who already have bought special EQs, or who have special needs. But Frequency probably will do just fine for most Cubase users, who would like to do other things with the money not really needed.

Simple as that.

Pro Q 2 doesn’t have oversampling options. I’m not even sure if oversampling is beneficial for an EQ at all.

The superiority of the UI is debatable. Only being able to see properties of one band at a time is a compromise.

Now finish the job Steinberg and give us the option on a track by track basis to select the current EQ or Frequency EQ as the channel strip EQ potentially freeing up a valuable insert slot (depending on the stage you require EQ) Or even go mad and give us a selectable pre AND post-insert EQ.

Agreed. I always found it a bit of a pain having to select each band in Pro-Q to see it’s parameters. The full screen function is nice although when I think about it, I’ve almost never used it.

Personally I find all the millions of different EQ plugins to be a bit over rated as a lot of them sound very VERY similar. Frequency and Pro Q2 will null to quite a good level e.g. 50-60 dBs with a pretty drastic EQ curve (4 bands of 9dB boosts/cuts). That’s kind of in the zone where I’m not that fussed about the sonic differences. This is true of many EQ plugins.

as mentioned, Frequency is a great starting off point to EQ,
for surgical stuff then yea you can go into 3rd party plugins like fabfilter pro q2

Why do you consider Frequency incapable of surgical EQ’ing like Pro Q 2?

I can’t think of a particular reason why that would be true.

I guess the whole beauty of this site is the ability to disagree with comments posted. Actually I much prefer the GUI of Fabfilter’s Pro EQ2. It is much easier to set up and work with and it sounds fantastic. You can also have up to 24 eq points to edit, unlimited undo and a full screen gui for really accurate editing.

Now I don’t mind people having opinions but to say someone is stupid to (buy) prefer Pro EQ as I do is pushing it. Fine, you like Frequency and so do I, but don’t tell me what I should like.