Frequency plugin : Graphical issue with gain Start (under Dynamics)

There is an issue with the Frequency plugin where the dynamic gain Start curve wouldn’t be removed from the graph when disabling the Dynamic mode.

How to reproduce :

  1. Open Frequency.
  2. Toggle the Single Band View band view
  3. On any band, enable Dynamics.
  4. Tweak the Start value so the curve is reflected on the graph above.
  5. Disable Dynamics.

Result :

  • The Start curve is still present.
  • Moving the corresponding band from the graph still interacts with the Start curve when they overlap but the Start curve doesn’t follow the band.
  • Alt+Click on Reset does not remove the Start curves from the graph, although it resets everything else properly.

The Start curve is properly reset when we enable Dynamics again.
Alternatively, Resetting the settings while Dynamics is enabled, properly resets the Start curve.

Still not fixed in 12.0.30. :thinking:

Still not fixed in 12.0.40.

This got fixed in 12.0.50, the dynamic start is now correctly removed from the graph when disabled.