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Version history

List of resolved issues

Cubase 12.0.60

ID # Area Issue
- Macros When “Rename First Selected Track” is placed as the first command of a macro, this macro is executed as soon as we try to open the Edit menu, making it inaccessible.
Link : Rename First Selected Track as first Macro command
- Stability Clicking the value fields in VariAudio settings can crash Cubase when editing split Events that share the same data.
Link : VariAudio makes Cubase crash

Cubase 12.0.50

ID # Area Issue
- Project Window In the Project Window, MIDI notes appear larger than what they actually are and look not quantized even though they are in the Key Editor.
Link : MIDI notes too big in Project Window
- Performance Rendering audio in a different sample-rate than the project’s sample-rate takes much longer and CPU usage goes to 100%.
Link : 100% CPU Usage when mixdown
- VariAudio The VariAudio window sometimes does not display any segment, making the editing impossible.
Link: VariAudio: no bars, no notes
CAN-42200 Plug-in In Frequency, the dynamic Start curve isn’t properly removed from the graph when the Dynamics section is disabled.
Link : Frequency : Dynamics Start curve visual bug
- Plug-in The Pitch Shifter module in MultiTap Delay is still outputting dry input signal even though the rack Mix slider is on 100 % (missing module’s own mix knob).
Link : Pitch Shifter In MultiTap Delay - no 100% wet operation
- Import Choosing Split Channels when importing a Stereo file makes Waves Mono plugins to be not detected on the Right channel track.
Link : Import Split Channels + Waves Mono bug
- Stability Switching to another tool when the Tempo Detection panel is open crashes Cubase.
Link : Cubase Crashes on Tempo Detection

Cubase 12.0.40

ID # Area Issue
CAN-42282 Preferences Interpolate Audio Waveforms is locked to the enabled state even when the box is not ticked.
Link : Interpolate Audio Waveforms cannot be disabled
CAN-42283 Performance When Interpolate Audio Waveforms is enabled, manipulating the Lower Zone Editor makes the waveform lose its smooth state and causes performance issues when zooming on trimmed parts.
Link : Smooth Waveform Drawing isn’t stable in the Lower Zone Editor
- Editing Standard-Custom Algorithm cannot be selected when Cubase language is set to Portuguese
Link : Algorithm selection issue
- Performance Smooth Waveform Drawing causes the silence lines to be displayed thicker.
Link : Thick silence lines
- Project Window Measure lines become cut off when scrolling through the project by using the vertical scrolling bar.
Link : Vertical scrolling bar issue
- Plug-in Toggling to Single view in Frequency causes the controls on top of the window to lose their content.
Link : Frequency : Graphical bug with Single view

Cubase 12.0.30

ID # Area Issue
- Plug-in Quick Controls make plugins to display larger / have blank borders on their sides.
Link : Plugin window too wide
- Stability Selecting a VariAudio edited event as the reference for Audio Alignment can display an error message.
Link : Error message with Audio Alignment
- Project Window Selecting another tool after using the Time Warp tool reverts the ruler unit to Seconds.
Link : Time Warp tool : Ruler issue