Frequent Dorico Pro crash with Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1

My Dorico 5 Pro is frequently crashing ever since I upgraded to latest version of Sonoma 14.4.1. the Diagnostic report is enclosed. Request the forum for help in resolving the issue. are other members also facing similar problem?
Dorico (796.8 KB)
After every crash the system generates crash reports to Apple. I generated this diagnostic report on recovering from the crash, hope this helps.

Is this a ‘panic’ (i.e. brings down the whole computer and restarts), or just a crash of the Dorico app?

There is a known issue with Sonoma 14.4 that if you open a HALion or Kontakt VST plug-in when you have two displays connected, the system will panic.

You don’t need two displays connected to experience the kernel panic – it happens on my system, for example, which only has a single display.

This issue is discussed in this thread:

It doesn’t happen on my MBP, just with the built-in screen, and if I turn off my second display on my Mini, I don’t get it either.

Hopefully, seed testing of 14.5 will start this week…

Started one hour ago!

I have the issue with only the internal Retina display and no external monitor or any other external peripherals connected on 14.4.1 (as I did on 14.4). I reported this in a reply to my original post. Didn’t you mention in that same thread that you were still on 14.3?

Thanks for the responses. Yes, this is a ‘panic’, it brings down the whole machine, restarts and sends the crash report to apple, thereafter it offers to recover the Dorico project I was working on. It isn’t just a Dorico 5 app crash. I use a MacBook Pro M2 machine, using with only the built in Display, no additional external display.
I guess I will need to wait for a Mac update for resolution?

Yes, it looks like perhaps a fix will come in macOS 14.5, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks Daniel