Friendly WARNING! New Waves V9r21 installer!!!

WARNING! New Waves V9r21 installer - here we go again!

I have really post a friendly reminder about this issue.

I’m using a USB key now so I’m in the clear.
Anyway I just want to remind you all that ALWAYS send all license to the Waves cloud before you update anything regard Waves in the future.

I just run the new Waves V9r21 update and everything work fine during installation process. But I notice once again my computer ID has randomly change again to a complete new USER ID-name for a second time?
So if I had used “computer ID”-license as I did before I would been toasted…again… :confused:

And I wouldn’t be able to recover my license for over period of one year time because I’ve used that already once.
USE A USB KEY is my advice!

Waves now even official warn about this major issue.
From Waves-site: Please Note:
In very rare cases, using the latest installers (V9r19 and above) may delete licenses activated to a computer (not a USB flash drive). You can easily solve this problem by following the instructions on our license recovery page.

Best Regards