Friendly Warning! Waves-"V9r20"-WLC V9.3.0.14.


A new version of WAVES installer “V9r20” is out now that also update the WLC- Waves License Center to V9.3.0.14.
I updated last night and that were a really bad move. You might facing a big “sh*t storm” in front of you if you just update!! :frowning:
After I update with Waves installer “V9r20” the Waves WLC didn’t recognized my computer ID anymore and has change my computer ID to a complete new untitled ID name? I check the Internet and there are more then me that have the same problems!

I email the Waves-support service and got very friendly and nice message back how to proceed. I’m very experience with computers and systems and tried to disable all kinds of things to get going. After a while during trying I had disabled so much I couldn’t even close down my computer “normal” still Waves WLC couldn’t recognized my computer old ID?
End of day it didn’t work and I needed to use my last resort “Waves recovery license”-program to get going. Just so you all know you can only use this solution once per year.

Waves support recommend me in the future to use USB key instead because the computer ID can change anytime. They can’t guarantee that it won’t. This can especially happen if you add another new hardware to your setup. I haven’t change my setup or add any new hardware lately, still I got this major problems.

So if you use “computer-recognize”- based waves-license as I did, always be safe and add all your license to the “License-Wave-Cloud” ALWAYS before you update, add or do anything with waves installers in the future! And to be safe, use a USB-Key for all your licenses that can’t randomly change the ID.

Other then that all Waves plugins that I use work in Cubase 7.5 without any problems, CLA-bundle, Reel ADT etc… :slight_smile:

Best Regards


Yeah, I moved Waves to the iLok a couple of years ago. While hardware dongles are a hassle, the hardware hash and other non-hardware liscensing techniques usually end up flaming out at some point. Usually at the least convenient moment.

Didn’t Waves move away from iLok a couple of years ago? :wink:

I’m several revs back. Did they move to a different USB key?

Yes. We can use a common usb flash drive.

Sorry, don’t mean to be dense (although that is at times unavoidable), but do you mean they now use the same eLicenser key that Cubase uses?

No, they use two systems:

  1. Machine/cloud authorization
  2. common USB flash drive (not a security dongle as ilok or Steinberg key)

Oh. Common, as in peasant. :slight_smile:

I don’t have experience with this particular thread title issue, but I know when I have certain problems anywhere near like this…

I’ll 1st delete anything I’ve installed in the Uninstall Programs,

Then do a “search” for any files in my computer that the uninstall left behind (almost always the case) and delete them one by one.

If that doesn’t help, I’ll then I’ll do a Windows System Restore, which has saved me many times

If that doesn’t do it, I’ll wipe the hard drive with my Acronis reinstall disk, and install the IMAGE I’ve made with Acronis… in about 30 minutes I’m back! :exclamation:

Back when it first came out in Windows, system restore was immediately used by hackers as a hard to get to place to store malware.

I’ve had it turned off for years. Is that ancient news that’s no longer a concern?

Thanks for the headsup… i was going to update mine today,i think i’ll move my licences to the cloud first now as a precaution :astonished:

You are welcome.
That’s a good idea.

Best Regards

It has happen again!

Its have change the ID of my computer again for second time…
Fortunately I had all my license in the waves-cloud and I use a USB-key for all my license.

This is very strange… i checked a couple of days ago and i’m already and the latest version of waves and i had no issues.
Are you regularly swapping out major pieces of hardware from your machine as this can cause machine id issues in extreme cases from what i gather… checked for malware etc?

Can I follow up on this please? I have some iLok licenses on my computer (as opposed to the iLok2 key), things like Sound Toys, RevoicePro. Does this mean that if I “swap out major pieces of hardware” I might lose all those? What is the threshold for losing the machine ID? For example, would swapping out a video card do it? Or a UAD-2 card? What about swapping out external hardware, like an interface (I have a UR28M)?

Thanks for any thoughts!

I’m not 100% sure on what the ‘threshold’ is for this and i cannot speak for OS’s other than windoze here but i know it’s possible to loose your win registration/id from swapping out ‘too many’ bits of hardware as on initial registration various bits of your machine are used to form the ‘identity’ of your machine… i’m no expert on this as i’ve not come up against it myself though but i’ve known a couple of people who mod gaming rigs who’ve come up against it…
A quick google found this although it’s for win xp…

You say you use the latest version, how can that be?
The latest version were released October 6th, that is yesterday.

Anyway no I haven’t swap anything and all my other licenses like Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, Nomad Factory, ILOK, all Melodyne softwares, all other plugins and DAWs that I also own don’t change the Machine ID. And windows own ID doesn’t change either, I’m using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate version.

Its ONLY Waves keep doing this bad behavior.
I would say its a major flaw in their program-Waves License control system if you ask me. :wink:
And Waves knows it, the already warn “official” on their site about this new problem.

Best Regards

I checked yesterday to see if i was running the latest version from their website and according to my account info i’m already running it…

Ok i’d not seen that info on their website myself… will go and look…

Ok yes you posted the above as i was posting this… i’d missed that info and yes i’ll take your original advice thanks! although again i’ve just checked my own account and i’m up to date but will definitely move my licences prior to future updates!!!

Is’nt the whole idea of dongle protection (USB sticks included) that you can use your software on any machine, one machine at a time of course? The licences are contained in the dongle and are not hardware dependent?

If there are problems, there must be something else going on…