Frustrated with 5vDC Power for UR12 (solved)

My external battery (AC or USB out) powers other devices (i.e., Anker bluetooth speaker) but with the same USB → 5v cable, it does not power up my new UR12.

This is related to my other (possibly hopeless) issue: getting a signal from my Audio Technics Pro 35 phantom mic → UR12 → lightning adapter → iPhone8 camera app for VIDEO. The 3rd party “ProCamera” app says it recognizes external mics, but it won’t recognize the signal from the UR12.

Anyway, first things first. Why doesn’t the battery pack power up my UR12? Is it that USB → 5v cable is not the answer? Does it instead have to be an actual DC (from the wall plug) to 5v ??

Hi Anbar
Normally (for me) it works with any power source unless it’s below 1A, and yes you should try another cable. One more thing is that there has been reports where people had issues relating to the A rating on the power source. While this seems odd to me (it’s current draw, so as long as the power source can deliver enough amperage it should work), some reported only 1A and 1,5A worked, so perhaps it could also be this? Have a look at this thread:

Do you mean that there is no signal in the camera app or that the UR12 is not selectable? If there is no signal, turn on phantom power. If the Ur12 isn’t recognized it’s probably an updated ios thing, but as i don’t have a camera connector kit for my iPad i can’t test that.

Thanks Magnus,
As to the second issue, not selectable. The thing that bothers me is in Pro camera, there doesn’t seem to be any place to select an external audio source, as if it’s not designed for it. Are there camera apps you know of that allow such selection? I’ve seen a lot of videos explaining how to get audio into GarageBand or some other audio software, but not into the Apple camera app or other camera apps.

I’ll look into the specs on my battery, as you advise.

Sorry @arnbar I have no idea. I just use ny ipad as a toy and a remote sometimes, and I don’t own a camera lighting connector.

Follow up on the power source: it’s you see output is DC 5v and 3.1 A. Is that a reasonable number on amps?

I would say so, yes
But there are other ideas about this as you can see in my previous post. The thing is, the output is 5V and the max current draw is 3,1A, and max specified current draw can not imho have an impact on things unless it is too low.
My theory is that the non-working psu:s are just not working properly.

psu = power supply unit? But is works OK with that Anker speaker unit.
sigh. Anyway, the one…wait…

Now I’ve got it going with the psu plugged in, the USB out connected to the iPhone too. Power on the UR12 is switched to 5v in, so I assume it’s using that. Yes, if I pull the 5v, I lose power so that’s where it’s coming from. Problem solved, kinda, because I think that psu may be a bit intermittent on the USB side.

Now I’m using the main DC out from the psu to power my Yamaha mixer too. All systems go. Great.

Now if I could just get that signal into the Camera App…!

OMG. I’m getting the mic signal into the Shure MOTIV Video app.

@arnbar So far so good then.
About the psu (yeah sorry about the abbrevation, power supply unit): I don’t think it’s supposed to work without a connection to a computer/ipad, at least my UR22 MkII does not light up unless the computer is connected too.

The sound is kind of messed up, but I probably need to tweak the gain or something. Anyway, lots of progress!