FW16e to Cubase no audio record

I have cubase 10 midi record/playback working OK but despite diligent inquiries youtube videos etc, I can’t find a way of recording audio from the XF6.
Firewire is set on the XF.
Can someone propose a diagnostic sequence?

Do you have the latest yamaha fw-Driver installed and selected as your audio device/Interface in cubase?


Yes I checked the device manager and the three FW items are there

What exactly do you see (Screenshot please).
Could you also have a look at our audio-connections and the routing?

What specifically would you like to see?
Audio-connections and the routing?

I would like to see the “three FW items” that you mentioned. Plus what audio-inputs you have routet to which tracks.

The reason is: I have a similar setup - yamaha fw driver - a motif xf8 connected to cubase.

Do you use the motif xf editor plugin ?


Thanks for your attention Ernst, I am half way through composing recording music for a 50 minute video and getting a bit desperate.

I think the motif xf editor plug in is installed but I haven’t used it.

I have made some screen shots but I can’t see how to upload them, can the board handle attachments?

Just press the “full editor” button underneith the input box here and you will be allowed to add pictures to your posting! You can also insert URLs this way.

I hope I can help.


Here are the screen shots. NB I will be away from this afternoon until next Tuesday (but able to check out email).
The system doesn’t seem allow more than three files I will send the others in a further message.

Here are three more. NB I don’t have the Komplete Audio 6 connected
system note; W10 Pro, 4.16GHz CPU, Cubase 10 pro

I cannot find any obvious mistakes in the routing. So let us dig a little deeper in what you are doing and what does not work:

I understood that you want to receive audio from your xf via Firewire - and you use the ports FW XF6 L/R to achieve that. These ports are routed to audio 02. But there is no signal appearing there, correct?
If this is the case the question is: How do you “play” the xf when you try to record: Do you use the XF-keyboard? Do you use the internal sequencer of the XF? Or do you use a midi track from Cubase to play the XF?
Does your XF output audio at all: Maybe you can check that with a headphone (XF headphone out) or speakers (XF audio l/R out - just the normal ones).
If not, we have to have a closer look at your midi routing (Local off/on on the XF, settings in cubase, etc.) - depending on your reply to “how do you play the xf when you try to record”
HTH Ernst

The XF plays OK via the usual output jacks into powered speakers with the local control set to ‘on’. What I expect to do is to play the various voices live and record in Cubase. I’m beginning to wonder if the firewire cable, or the firewire boards in the XF or computer have developed a fault.
Go well

Hi I checked the settings with my motif xf8 - it should work - all the same which setting you use on the XF in “Utlilities/FW-Monitoring”.

I would suspect the firewire cable in the first place.

Sorry - otherwise I have no idea!

All the best, Ernst

One idea - just a shot in the dark:

I dont think that is it, but please try: What happens when you change the WDM-Routing to Main R/L instead of 13/14 as shown in your Yamaha driver window?

Thanks Ernst I’m now back. The PC FW card seems to be OK installed and configured and I’ll try a different cable and the other settings you mention. Your verification that the routing was OK has been a really vital help.

I’ve looked at getting .wav recordings out of the XF via USB, ie playing live and importing them into Cubase, but it seems to mean using the XMP sequencer which is above my pay grade. However this would be a viable work around at the moment, is this something you are familiar with?

Hi Ernst, good news the no audio record problem was resolved by a factory reset on the XF. I have no idea what this did but then not everything about computers (or life) can be understood. Again thanks for your support.

Hi Denis,

i am happy to read that it works finally and the solution did not cost anything - but time, of course.

Maybe we did not think about an important seeting on the XF - But as you said: We dont need to undestand - it is solved!

Happy music! :slight_smile:


Hello Ernst, waaarr! it isn’t over. I happily got most of the audio material recorded but when I returned to the midi project it plays back but record doesn’t work. The factory reset of the XF somehow turned off the midi connections. Do you have any idea where in the XF these connections might be configured?

Hi you,

could you try on the XF: “Utility”/“Control”/“Midi” – Interface “FW” (to route it over Firewire)

Hope that works.

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for your attention again. The weirdness continues, Cubase also won’t output a viable mixdown from my MIDI work, it writes an empty file.

As you suggested, I checked out Utility/F5/SF2/MIDI
Receive Channel, 1
Keyboard transmit Channel, 1
Device number, all
Interface MIDI in/out, I couldn’t change it to FW (don’t know how to)

Switches are all ‘on’

MIDI sync, internal

controller reset, reset

In the MIDI Port setup
XF6 MIDI OUT is ‘inactive’
XF6 Main is ‘inactive’

What a mess! Your thoughts?