FYI: New in Cubase 9 Hot Plug USB Controllers in Windows 10!

Just discovered this and haven’t seen any mention of it here yet. Love this!


It is mentioned here.

Btw, the implementation is even better than on Mac. On Mac, once you unplug the device, the MIDI Port (if it used) changes to Not Connected. Once you connect it back, the MIDI Port stays Not Connected. But on Windows side, once you unplug the device, the MIDI Port changes to “Missing Port: Name of the port”. Once you plug it back, the MIDI Port is reconnected back.

It is a truly lovely implementation! I can’t tell you how much easier this makes my life!

Definitely a hot topic since CB9 release day.

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Also works in Windows 7, by the way. For some weird reason my main keyboard disconnects after some hours of no use, forcing me to save and re-open the project I’m working on. Well, not anymore! ^^

Interesting. For years I understood from Steinberg that it was a Windows coding issue that made this impossible.

Is there something you have to do in Cubase after plugging in the keyboard? If I plug in the keyboard after Cubase is running, is still doesn’t show up. Windows is seeing it immediately when I plug it in.

Wait, I just realized I am on 9.0.0 and there is a 9.0.1. I will try that.

Nope, that didn’t do it. I am using a nanoKey Studio.

Any ideas?

I had this with my Korg controllers,the hot pluging only works with windows midi,if you have the korg usb drivers installed it doesn’t work,I had to uninstall the korg drivers and then let windows find drivers for the devices.

Thanks. I will try that. Did you lose any functionality using the Windows default driver?

With my laptop I use a Korg microkey with a Nanocontrol plugged into that,both function as expected with the windows drivers and will hot plug.

Thanks. I still could not get the nanoKey Studio to hot plug with or without the Korg driver installed. FWIW, it would not hot plug in Kontakt (standalone version) either. I will try with my regular controller when I get home.

I remember it was a bit of a faff to uninstall them,I think I had to do it from windows device manager.

OK. I was able to uninstall the Korg driver and let Windows use a default driver. That worked for the hot plug but only if I plugged it in after Windows started. Then, I could unplug it, start Cubase, plug it in and it would recognize but the Quick Controls were acting very strange. Anyway, I decided just to reinstall the Korg driver and everything works fine (except the hot plug feature). It is no big deal for me since I don’t have many controllers and need to switch them, it would have just been a nice feature in case I start Cubase and forget to plug it in first or didn’t think I would need it, etc.

I will look some more on the Korg website or maybe submit a ticket to see what they say.
Thanks for your help!