Gadget does not load in Cubasis

Hi, just downloaded Cubasis and love it. However, all my apps loaded except Gadget. I set Marseilles in Gadget to Cubasis and all channels (also tried with channel 1) BG Audio set to on in settings but no Gadget appears in the interapp menu on Cubasis. What am I missing? Thanks

Hi LinearLineman,

Cubasis supports all kinds of IAA types:

• Effects can be set as insert or send effects
• Instruments are assigned to a MIDI track and automatically receive MIDI from Cubasis
• Generators are inputs for audio tracks

It always depends on the app manufacturer what type of nodes are available.

Given your example it seems that Korg does not provide MIDI compatible IAA instruments.
That’s why they do not appear in the list, when a MIDI track is selected.

These are the steps to use the Korg instrument apps in Cubasis via IAA:

  • Create an audio track
  • Open the Routing tab in the inspector
  • Tap “Mono input”
  • Choose “Inter-App” in the Audio Inputs pop up
  • Choose the desired Korg instrument apps from the list

Please find more information about IAA right here:

In general, Apple’s Audio Unit format works more straight forward and many app vendors updated their instruments to be compatible to this standard.

Hope that helps!