Gain Plugin plz

Super duper simple request: add a gain plugin that can be automated. It would simply adjust the audio level. That’s it.

Sometimes I need more than a 6db boost, and adding a compressor or other plugin simply for gain is sloppy, and not to mention that sometimes I need even more than a 24db boost that the compressor plugin has. Normally, I use a plugin called Blue Cat’s Gain. The old version I had isn’t working anymore for some reason, even though it’s not being blacklisted, because I think it is 64 bit. And the new Blue Cat’s Gain 3 plugin doesn’t seem to allow for automation. I mean, we have so many built in plugins, but no simple gain plugin yet?.. doesn’t make sense. Seems like it could be made in all about 10 seconds. .


Also, before anyone says something like “just use the gain on the pre-fader gain on the channel settings”… that is NOT an acceptable resolution. Often times people need gain in-between plugins.

And if anyone suggests Blue Cat or other 3rd party gain plugins, I already mentioned this, but I was using Blue Cat’s Gain, and one of the versions I was using doesn’t work anymore. And the new version doesn’t automate. Even if they came out with a new version or there is another 3rd party company that has one that works fine (which I’m sure there is), I don’t want to put a single instance of it in my project because in the future, I might want to revisit the project file and I’d like to avoid a situation where the plugin has simply disappeared and either it doesn’t show me at all so I’m not even aware, or it does show me but I can’t copy the settings + automation because it doesn’t load. It would be much safer if this kind of a plugin was simply built in to Cubase. Again, it shouldn’t be THAT hard. C’mon, Steinberg!

Just enable the gain staging section. You just pull a slider up. It’s built for that very purpose. Nothing to do with plugins. It’s not on by default so you have to add it

What are you talking about? Where is this? How is this done?

You aren’t referring to the “gain” slider in the Pre-fader section are you? If so, I already addressed it, but that’s not an acceptable solution, because it doesn’t allow you to interject the gain at different stages; also, I’m not sure how responsive it is to automation. A lot of the Channel Strip built in plugins respond to automation very slowly.


I’d also like to have a stock gain plugin. I prefer to do volume automation and cuts with a plugin rather then the track fader. Currently using a 3rd party plugin but would be nice to have something built in that supports the right click “show automation lane” feature.


Try using MixConvert V6 - I think it’s in the surround folder. It’s what I use for this.

But yes a gain plugin would be ideal. I use it for automating the channel when I want to keep the fader free for overall volume adjustment.

The problem with 3rd party gain plugins is that the automation values it displays aren’t always useful.

I use GGain VST all the time. Gain, that’s it. And free, of course.

It is possible to put it at diffenrent places - but they are very limited: you can put it pre or post inserts and you can put it at 6 different places in your chanel strip - probably not what you were lookin for…
I would also like to know the solution mkok suggested!

The gain doesn’t change position - only the eq. Although it looks like the pre section Is attached to the eq it’s not - the gain knob it’s always at the beginning of the chain.

Yes I was talking about the pre gain stage. I don’t quite understand the need for separate gain if you have gain staged correctly to start off with.

For automation purposes - as soon as you automation the fader volume you’ve essentially locked that channel. The fader doesn’t respond anymore. If you automate a gain plugin you can still alter the overall volume of a channel

Hm - good point!!
But for the purpose of changing the volume of an automated track you could still use the pen to draw volume information that is independet of your vol automation, right?
Maybe not the most sophisticated way but still works…

Yeah I mean there’s lots of things you could do like route to a group and use the group fader or use a VCA fader.

Having a gain plugin however is a very neat solution.

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You just made my day! I’ve been searching high and low for a gain plugin that has -∞ dB and also supports the right click show automation lane function. Thank you!

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+1 for a simple gain plugin. I wish there was a simple gain plugin I could use in between inserts. That’s what he is getting at. I would definitely find it useful. It wouldn’t take much effort to create. A simple GUI with a “gain” slider in .00 increments. It would come in useful with plugins like the Universal Audio Pultec plugins, their steps are in .4db steps. So a gain plugin to get more precise after that plugin for example would be beneficial.

And yes I always gain stage everything to within .1db where possible.

Guys you can Use the Sonalksis Free G!!

Is a Gain or Trim,Pan, phase,and ouptput fader. Also you can check the Hofa plugin, i can’t remember its name.sorry


I wouldn’t use sonalksis stuff - it’s a defunct company.

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Yes but his FreeG works very well if you need it.

AirWindows Bit Shift Gain, and Purest Gain are optimized for avoiding resolution loss - and are free.