Gain Plugin plz

Yes I was talking about the pre gain stage. I don’t quite understand the need for separate gain if you have gain staged correctly to start off with.

For automation purposes - as soon as you automation the fader volume you’ve essentially locked that channel. The fader doesn’t respond anymore. If you automate a gain plugin you can still alter the overall volume of a channel

Hm - good point!!
But for the purpose of changing the volume of an automated track you could still use the pen to draw volume information that is independet of your vol automation, right?
Maybe not the most sophisticated way but still works…

Yeah I mean there’s lots of things you could do like route to a group and use the group fader or use a VCA fader.

Having a gain plugin however is a very neat solution.

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You just made my day! I’ve been searching high and low for a gain plugin that has -∞ dB and also supports the right click show automation lane function. Thank you!

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+1 for a simple gain plugin. I wish there was a simple gain plugin I could use in between inserts. That’s what he is getting at. I would definitely find it useful. It wouldn’t take much effort to create. A simple GUI with a “gain” slider in .00 increments. It would come in useful with plugins like the Universal Audio Pultec plugins, their steps are in .4db steps. So a gain plugin to get more precise after that plugin for example would be beneficial.

And yes I always gain stage everything to within .1db where possible.

Guys you can Use the Sonalksis Free G!!

Is a Gain or Trim,Pan, phase,and ouptput fader. Also you can check the Hofa plugin, i can’t remember its name.sorry


I wouldn’t use sonalksis stuff - it’s a defunct company.

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Yes but his FreeG works very well if you need it.

AirWindows Bit Shift Gain, and Purest Gain are optimized for avoiding resolution loss - and are free.

I don’t want a 3rd party vst for this… I explained at the top, but I used BlueCat’s Gain and then suddenly it doesn’t work anymore… I had to download the new version and the new version doesn’t support automation of the gain. And even if it did, there’s no guarantee that it will work in cubase in the future. Right now, I have a bunch of projects that are missing the gain plugin, and it doesn’t even show that it’s there and not loading; it’s completely disappeared, and I have no idea how much gain I put on what tracks or what kind of automation I had on the volume at certain spots too… it’s very annoying.

Yeah to that! Just a simple automatable Steinberg volume knob people can place anywhere they see fit. It’s not rocket surgery.

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I also lacked the gain in Cubase, so I developed my own vst3 plugin (while WIN only). In contrast to the “Gain” example in the VST3 SDK, I included support the sample accurate automation of parameters and I aded parameters “Pan”, “Width”. I have not officially released it anywhere. Whoever really needs it, I can share it. Even more, I can share the code with Steinberg’s developers to include it to Cubase stock plugins. Although IMHO for Steinberg developers to create such a plugin will not take a lot of time and labor.

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There is also GainMatch by LetiMix, which is what I use for these purposes. Yes, it is a third party plugin. However, it makes much more than a simple volume knob. It’s a very handy tool to compare the before and after of any processing you do in your chain, or also as an auto-leveling processor.

I’m currently using mvmeter 2 or Blue Cat for gain staging, but it would be nice to have something simple like like this with gain (and a meter) that was included along with Cubase.

Honestly - try MixConvert V6 in the Spacial and panning folder. Does exactly this

My own vst3 Gain plugin.


This looks great! It has everything I was looking for in a gain plugin. I’ve been using MixConvert after seeing it recommended in this thread, but it would be nice to have panning and width controls like in your plugin. Do you have a download link for it?

Hi! Mkok that’s what he meant:
You can automate gain slider. Left on the pictures, but is the global input gain of channel of course. (846.6 KB)
While only for"Win64" and without the manual.

  • All parameters except the parameter for smoothing automation lines support the sample accurate automation.
  • Host context menu support.
  • Only for stereo channels