Gain reduction plugin - C13

hey guys is there a quick gain reduction plugin or tool in cubase 13 I can use to turn down gain without touching the faders? (kind of like waves L2)

Frequency? With all the bands turned off?

Or a compressor set to not do any compression.

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And then there is :

Audio>Processes>Gain which, unless I’m missing something, answers the question as posed.

I’ve got it assigned to a key command.


Unless I’m missing something what’s wrong with the gain control on the preamp section of the mixer?

That’s only effective for a global reduction; a lot of ways to skin that cat, several of which are described above.

With a plugin/process you can spot-fix.


Yeah, I get that, but I was responding to the OP’s original request.

Problem is the question is kind of ambiguous as there is no info on why they want to change the gain. Nor if there is a specific spot along the signal path where they want the adjustment to occur.

Without more context on what you’re trying to do it’s difficult to give you the best answer. This reference to L2 is a hint.

Is it possible you’re looking for the dynamics plugins to help tame your gain?

Haha, if he wants a limiter, we’ll be here until kingdom come!

its actually very simple guys, i just want to turn down the volume anywhere in the plugin instance chain without touching the faders

Frequency, then, no impact on the tone or shape of the audio.
Blue Cat Audio used to do a freebie gain plugin - that’s all it did, adjust the gain.

thanks but im after a cubase native method that doesnt rely on any 3rd party vst something in the box. kinda like logics gain reduction tool they have

Again, Frequency, Cubase’s EQ plugin, with all the EQ bands turned off. Depending on where you want to plave the gain plugin, you could even use the Envelope Shaper or Compressor in the Channel Strip - no plugins at all.

ok thanks, just to confirm is this the default signal flow? Pre->inserts->strips->sends

does it make a difference to turn all the bands off? (in frequency 2)

The strip can be moved before or after the inserts.

Turning them off prevents unwanted accidental EQ changes, that’s all.

ok cool so as long as their flat it doesnt make a difference? in terms of phase and what not.
by the way i was messing around with cubase and theres many ways to turn down gain with several plugins, I was wondering which is the best option;

  • using frequency 2 and turning down the gain
  • using black valve and turning down the “output” knob
  • using multiband expander and turning down the “output” knob
  • using the limiter plugin and turning down the “output” knob
  • using magneto 2 with its saturation off and turning down the “output” knob
  • using multiband compressor with everything off and turning down the “output” knob
  • using raiser with release on auto and turning down the “ceiling” knob

I would not use Limiter and Raiser for this purpose, because Limiter-Output and Raiser-Ceiling buttons determine the maximum output level, rather than a simple gain reduction. So, these plugins would not be transparent. The other items on your list seem okay to me. Personally, I would use Black Valve for its simplicity, with Dry-Wet set to zero.

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