Galley View "guides"

One of the best parts of galley view is that the left side of the score window has the light blue font that reminds you of key signatures and instrument assignments.

  1. Would it be possible to include the meter there, as well?
  2. What about adding a similar function across the TOP of the window, that would bring in things like rehearsal marks, tempo information, repeat markers, etc.? If I’m working on a large score (as is common) and I’m at the bottom of the system, a lot of those details from above are invisible. I spend a lot of time (too much time?) scrolling up to remember where things are.
    Thanks bunches!
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And flow name… please.


I suggested this almost two years ago, it didn’t really get much traction at the time: Suggestion: Rehersal marks in galley view

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When you get into a large score, something like this would have profound implications on the compositional process.
I have a massively oversized display as my second monitor (43"), and even there, large scores are still tough to keep track, vertically.